31/365- Nightmare Before Christmas

I said all of these pictures of the day posts didn’t necessarily have to be about dolls or anime stuff but there are actually anime figures in this picture although they are not really the focus… I have always loved the Nightmare Before Christmas film and have been steadily building up a collection of various swag items from it ever since it came out. This picture isn’t all of it, just what I had room for on the bar I also have tons of hoodys. All of my friends know of my love of Nightmare Before Christmas so when anyone doesn’t know what to get me for Christmas they buy me something Nightmare related, it works like clockwork every year I get at least one new Nightmare item every Christmas. I already got one this year even though it’s not Christmas yet I received a new Jack hoody over the weekend from a friend.

A few additional pictures for all those wondering what exactly is in the photo.. If you have good eyes you can see a Jack clock and a painting of Jack I got from the Disney store before it closed here just beyond the corpse bride poster.
A friend sent me the giant Jack a few years ago for Christmas, it was kind of funny as I hadn’t heard from him in years and then I got a fairly large package from him and couldn’t imagine what the hell was in. I was delighted when I opened it and found a giant talking Jack figure. There’s a Jun Planning Jack figure in the back I haven’t gotten around to opening just yet ^^; There are also various smaller figures, the only other one of real note is the slightly taller Jack he came with 12 other heads and those are the Jack heads seen all around the bar, when I get bored with one expression I swap the heads out.
In this picture you can see a couple of Nightmare posters including one for the 3-d version of the film, I just had to get that poster when the irony of Jack wearing 3-D glasses despite the fact that he lacks eyes hit me. The large item is actually a light box, another Christmas gift. You can also see my 1/8 scale Melissa Seraphy and nendoroid managed to stake their claim on the space on top of the light box. I initially had put the 1/8 scale on top of the light box as I was simply out of shelf space at the time but having her there really grew on me so she became like the princess of the pumpkin patch…
The right side of the display has a few more Jack figures and lots of various stuff. The large Jack holding his own head is actually a light, when on his head lights up. I also have Nightmare Russian nesting dolls I got in my Christmas stocking last year, all of my glasses from when I went to see Nightmare in 3-D and a tin lunchbox you can’t really see in the photo (it’s in the back), another lamp and even a pencil holder.

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