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Isul Classical Mad Hatter

I recently purchased Isul Classical Mad Hatter alongside J-doll Andrassy Avenue from Pullipstyle, I’ve already reviewed Andrassy Avenue (her review can be seen here) so now it’s Classical Mad Hatter’s turn in the spotlight! Isul Classical Mad Hatter is a … Continue reading

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SDCC Pullip Photos: Groove’s Booth

This year Groove has partnered with Tokidoki to release Tokidoki themed superheroes Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina as SDCC exclusives. You can read about their reveal here or check out some in box photos of the dolls that were very … Continue reading

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Preorders for Pullips Meg & Classical Alice Sepia version now open @Pullipstyle

I just wanted to drop a note here that Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for Pullips Meg and Classical Alice Sepia Version. Both dolls are due for a September release here in the states (August in Japan). Meg is a … Continue reading

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August Pullip Releases Announced: Classical Alice Sepia Version & Meg

I got excited when I woke up this morning and saw that Groove had made an announcement via their blog during the night, I had thought the SDCC release(s) had finally been revealed no but the August Pullips have finally … Continue reading

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December Pullip & Company Releases Announced

Groove has announced December’s dolls… well so far Groove has announced four dolls for December but Doll Carnival is also in December so it is very likely that more dolls will be announced as we get closer to Doll Carnival. … Continue reading

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