December Pullip & Company Releases Announced

Groove has announced December’s dolls… well so far Groove has announced four dolls for December but Doll Carnival is also in December so it is very likely that more dolls will be announced as we get closer to Doll Carnival.

Unto the releases… It appears that in December we are mostly seeing continuations of existing lines. A new version of Dahlia Cinderella is being released, this time in Princess form as well as her Prince Ramiro. The Classical Queen from Alice in Wonderland as well as Glen, a new entry in the Creator’s Label series.


Starry Night Princess Dahlia Cinderella
tonight is a nice ball! Shoes of the glass, gave the missing witch, feeling such magic ….. up to 12:00 by friendly witch (I-930 / Fairy Lumiere), Daria Cinderella was transformed into a beautiful princess

Princess Dahlia Cinderella is Dahlia Cinderella after she has been transformed for the ball by her fairy Godmother Isul Fairy Lumiere. More seriously, this is the second release of Pullip as Cinderella this time her in full fancy princess regalia. She has a MSRP of 18000 yen, the original much plainer clothes version of Cinderella had a MSRP of 14000 yen.
P112_1 Cindy
Side by side of Princess Dahlia Cinderella and the pre-transformation Dahlia Cinderella. Both of the dolls have really sweet face ups, from the promos it seems like Princess Dahlia is a bit less blushy than the original release her lips also seem to be a slightly different color.
I love this doll, which isn’t really surprising considering the fact that the original is currently very high on my wishlist. She is such a sweet girl, how could I resist her? I will definitely have to buy this doll at some point, I haven’t yet decided if I will skip the original in favor of her or get both just yet but I definitely need this doll.

Starry Night Prince Ramiro
I’ll go in search of forever. Was wearing the shoes of this glass, the … you like a star shining in the night sky
Ramiro is Cinderella’s Prince. His MSRP is 18000 yen.

I suppose Ramiro is quite the dashing gentleman, they did do some interesting things with his face up his lips are nicely done and from what I can see of his eyebrows they look like they are pretty unique. Aside from his rather high price tag, I guess my only complaint is I find him to be a bit boring. I would much rather have the prince from the Snow White series Twilight Destiny who has a more interesting stock and is in general much more appealing to me especially since he is at a much cheaper.  I really feel like he should have at least come with a glass slipper or just something. He doesn’t seem special enough to me to justify his hefty price tag.

Classical Queen
“There is no doubt that this daughter is the perpetrator of this incident!  because – I am because I decided so ” ! “get off the neck”
Classical Queen is the latest doll in the Classical Alice series. She is the fourth full-sized doll representation of the Queen from Alice in Wonderland (the others being Romantic Queen Byul, Another Queen Pullip & Lunatic Queen Pullip). Her MSRP is 16000 yen, which is quite a bump in price considering the other four dolls in this series were all only 12000 yen each.

The other dolls in the line for comparison’s sake…
148031 141968
Classical Alice Pullip & Dal
141969 141970
Classical White Rabbit & Mad Hatter

All of the dolls in this series have fairly elaborate stock outfits, so why is Classical Queen 4000 yen more expensive than the others?
P118_3 21155
My very first thought when I saw Classical Queen was oh- it’s Little Pullip+ Queen of Hearts all grown up. Eh? Not a bad likeness.
Some thoughts… I really like her face up, those eyebrows and that crimson lipstick is simply amazing! The wig honestly worries me a bit, I wonder about it’s structural integrity. The stock does appear to be pretty high quality but I’m not sure it justifies a 4000 yen jump in price. I was very happy with the quality of the Classical Alice Pullip & Dal (hopefully I will be happy with Classical White Rabbit too but she won’t be here for a few days).  As much as I love Alice in Wonderland, the Classical Alice series and her face up it pains me to say this but I will more than likely be skipping this release unless I manage to find a good deal on her.

Now if Groove had released a full-sized Cheshire Cat Pullip based on the design of the Little Pullip+ I would simply throw my wallet at them as I could not buy it fast enough.

I Come from one of the wood Valleys Surrounded by nature I love watching the Sky, trolling Along the Streams, Collecting clovers under the trees ….. Situation Like So

Glen is the latest doll released in the Creator’s Label series.  Basically the dolls in this series are all designed by different doll customizers from around the world.; other dolls in this series include Akemi, Kuhn and Heiwa. Glen was designed by Happydolly who is a doll artist from Thailand (doll) and his clothes were designed by Memento who makes doll clothes and accessories (stock). Glen’s MSRP is 15000 yen which makes him the cheapest of the four dolls announced so far for December despite the fact that he is the only collaboration (traditionally collabs cost more than normal releases ^^;). 
I have to admit I like him quite a bit, I’m not always the biggest fan of Isul (honestly boy dolls in general are kind of hit or miss with me). He has a very unique face up that I think suits Isul wonderfully at least much better than some of the other stock face ups in my opinion. His theme really seems to work for the doll too, he has a definite personality to him. I’ll probably end up passing on him but as of right now he is probably the doll I am most looking forward to seeing owner photos of.

Now I’m off to update the Pullip, Isul and Taeyang release lists- oh joy, oh glee!

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