August Pullip Releases Announced: Classical Alice Sepia Version & Meg

I got excited when I woke up this morning and saw that Groove had made an announcement via their blog during the night, I had thought the SDCC release(s) had finally been revealed no but the August Pullips have finally been revealed. While they have an August release in Japan, they will not be released in the US until a month later as it takes Pullip a little while to make her journey to the US. So far two Pullips have been revealed, Classical Alice Sepia Version and Meg.
_IGP1185 _IGP1222
While one doll is a recolor of a doll that was released last year, I am happy to say that neither doll is a collaboration which is turning into a true rarity of late.

Classical Alice Sepia Version
Classical Alice Sepia Version

It seems Groove really loves Alice in Wonderland, I do too but I’d love to see like a better interpretation of Cheshire Cat (I’m thinking a wicked steampunk Cheshire Cat Pullip or hell either of these two would do nicely) rather than another Alice. Another Alice? Haha get it this is complete and utter madness, there is already a Pullip released by that name.
The bright side to this release is that the stock on the original Classical Alice was really well made and nice quality so presumably Classical Alice Sepia Version’s will be the same. I really do love the palette they chose for this release though I feel like it is kind of wasted on another Alice release as many people are just going to overlook as omg it’s another Alice release ugh.
Her face up is gorgeous, she reminds me a little bit of Blanche. I also really love her grey eyechips.
Classical Alice Sepia Version & Classical Alice
Classical Alice Sepia Version with the original Classical Alice, I’ve never seen many owner photos of Classical Alice so I must admit she was popular enough for a sepia toned rerelease. They do look quite cute together though.
Classical Alice Sepia Version is priced at 13000 yen which is pretty reasonable compared to most of the releases this year, it is worth noting that her predecessor Classical Alice was priced 1000 yen cheaper though.


The other release for the month is Meg, she is truly an original release with a style all her own which is refreshing compared to how many collaborations/recolored rereases we have have seen this year. I believe she and Kore are the only Pullip releases this year that are not a collaboration and/or a recolor of a previous release, don’t get me wrong I love collaborations (Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta is sublime) but I feel like the current pattern should be swapped with only occasional collaborations/recolors with mostly original releases.
I’dd admit the jacket is a bit loud and garish for my taste but the dress underneath has a simple elegance about it that is to die for. In general her stock looks to be very well made, the boots look like they will be really nice quality and everything is detailed nicely.
Oh my goodness, would you just look at those cute little freckles? Groove doesn’t do freckles very often (Anne of Green Gables/Regeneration Anne/Chenille du Jardin and I think that’s it) and these are definitely the most realistic and well done ones to date. I love her face up, she has a very fresh face with natural tones and I think the freckles were a lovely touch.
_IGP1265_3Meg is priced at 16000 yen, why is she so expensive compared to Classical Alice Sepia Version?

Verdict: I think Meg is adorable, while I don’t see myself preordering her I think I can safely say she will be joining my merry crew at some point. I’m honestly uncertain about Alice at this point, I love Alice in Wonderland and I like the sepia theme but this is the 11th full-sized Alice doll made by Jun Planning/Groove so far and I’ve already got the other ten as well as the end of Alice herself: Alice Omega!
It seems one of the Alices did not survive their trip through the looking glass

In other news, Midnight Deja Vu’s review should be done today or tomorrow and Eloise will be next up. I made good use of Pullipstyle‘s $20 off of an order of $250 more (before shipping cost) SUMMER20 coupon code to order the new version of Rozen Maiden Suigintou and Hino last night so look forward to their reviews in the not too distant future as well 🙂 .

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4 Responses to August Pullip Releases Announced: Classical Alice Sepia Version & Meg

  1. Tessa says:

    I am getting so sick of Alice’s being release, Groove is a bit like Tim Burton when it comes to Alice in wonderland dolls, it is only creative the first million times!

    • kleintoys says:

      I love Alice in Wonderland but I really wish Groove would move past their fixation on Alice and give us something new even if it is just based on a different fairytale like Snow Queen.

  2. Mimi says:


    Groove, why u so unoriginal!!!??? So sick of alice I’m serious. But this sepia girl is so cute… Ugh.

    Meg is cute too, love that outfit!!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m so torn about the Sepia Alice I like her design but I loathe to add another Alice to my crew as I have so many already.

      Meg definitely has potential.

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