Various Pullip Updates (Alura, restocks/MIO kits, SDCC exclusive? NYCC exclusive?! etc)

This update is long overdue, so it’ll cover a wide variety of different Pullip related news….
P150_150630_01A new photo of Pullip Alura has surfaced via Groove’s blog, Alura is a Dolly Japan magazine exclusive but fortunately for us here in the US she can be preordered via JPGroove’s website. You can read more about Pullip Alura here.

Pullipstyle received their preorder/restock shipment last week which means Dal Sailor Chibi-Moon and Isul Ciel from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler are now in stock! In other exciting restock news MIO kits are back, Pullipstyle just received a restock of Pullip (fair skin) and Dal MIO kits! I understand these are going pretty quickly so if you have intentions of doing a custom anytime soon now is the time to stock up especially since Isul and Taeyang are somehow miraculously still in stock as well.

In related news, JPGroove also has Dal Sailor Chibi Moon and Isul Ciel in stock as well as the Pullip (fair skin) and Dal MIO kits!
JPGroove has announced via their facebook page that there will not be a SDCC exclusive Pullip this year….

“We, GROOVE USA will skip this year San Diego Comic-con International.
However at Anime Expo Los Angeles and San Diego Comic-con Bluefin booth,Our Pullip Family dolls are available to sell and display!! And, We GROOVE have a plan to make Exclusive items for this year New York Comic-con.”

So although there will not be a SDCC exclusive Pullip this year there is a silver lining, there will be a NYCC exclusive Pullip. This will only be the second time that there has been a NYCC exclusive Pullip, the first was Pullip Harley Quinn who I love and adore. I was initially very excited about this as it meant that I could possibly buy the exclusive in person for once then I realized NYCC is sold out so close and yet so far.


This last one isn’t news really but I recently bought Byul Princess Minty and Dal Princess Pinky so expect photo reviews of them here soon. I’m trying to get things back up to date here.

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