SDCC Exclusive Tokidoki Pullip Super Stella

Earlier this year, Tokidoki paired with Groove to release the Tokidoki themed superhero pair Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina as SDCC exclusives. Both of the dolls are limited edition, only 250 of each doll were produced (no certificate). I was extremely fortunate and able to attain a Super Stella whose box had been autographed by Simone Legno, the creator of Tokidoki. It was absolutely amazing but I was so torn I wanted to play with her but in the end I could not bring myself to debox her so I posted an almost non-review of her here. I still really, really wanted to have a Super Stella to play with so I ended up ordering another Super Stella this time via Pullipstyle.
Super Stella
She arrived last week and I didn’t waste any time deboxing her so I could play with her.

SDCC Tokidoki Dal Vendettina x Pullip Super Stella We will defeat evil with our unparalleled cuteness! Also neither of us have a feel like so.

In my haste to free Super Stella from her boxy prison I didn’t even bother doing box shots this around 😮
Super StellaSuper Stella has a really nice face up, she has very daring black eyeliner coupled with some nice blushing and almost candy colored pink lips. I love the shade of pink they used for Super Stella’s lips and the shape they chose is really nice too (Pullip’s face mold doesn’t really change unless the body type does but Groove is able to paint the dolls in such a way that are able to change the shape of the features a bit). Super Stella’s shining, glittery silver eye chips really catch the light in interesting ways I really feel like they were a nice addition to her. Her eyebrows have a nice shape but while the color matches her wig nicely it probably isn’t that versatile.
SDCC Tokidoki Pullip Super StellarStock? Super Stella comes with boots, leggings, skirt, detachable belt, shirt, gloves, cape, wand/staff, hair clip and a stand; she does not come with a card.  Super Stella has a pink, white, blue and yellow color scheme it’s very Barbie-esque but I think it actually works for her they are all very bright and vibrant colors. I would totally wear her leggings if they came in people size. The stock is mostly made of a vinyl-like material, the cape is a much softer material and I love the Tokidoki print it’s lined with (the diamond motif from her wand/belt repeats). She does come with a grippy hand so she can hold her staff, unfortunately grippy hands are next to impossible to actually use when the doll has her gloves on. I wish she came with a mask, whatever her secret identity is she isn’t hiding it very well without one.

Wig? Super Stella’s wig is one of the softest and nicest Pullip wigs I’ve ever handled, I also love the color. There’s a subtle mix of white and blue but the blue really pops. There are not many blue hair Pullips out there so it’s nice to see something different.
Super Stella
There is actually a little bit of wiring at the bottom of her cape which helps it stay in position when posing her, it’s a neat little feature.
Super Stella
I definitely had a lot of fun posing her and playing with her, I have an admitted weak spot for superheroes/villains though.
Super Stella
Her staff is very cute, I love the adorable little Tokidoki diamond on the top of it.
SDCC Tokidoki Pullip Super Stellar
Super Stella is definitely a very dynamic girl. I think she is a great representation of SDCC’s superhero theme as well as both Tokidoki and Pullip.
SDCC Tokidoki Pullip Super Stellar
I love how almost blindingly bright her color scheme is, it is very 1980s.
Super Stella
On second thought maybe I was wrong, maybe she shouldn’t come with a mask it would be a shame to hide such a pretty girl’s face behind a mask.
Super Stella
More pictures available of Super Stella are available on my flickr. She is available for purchase via Pullipstyle, also her more villainous counterpart Dal Vendettina.
SDCC Tokidoki Dal Vendettina x Pullip Super Stella
I’m honestly not sure I could choose a favorite between the two. When they were first announced I was firmly in Vendettina’s fan club I felt like while Super Stella was pretty she was a bit boring compared to Vendettina but now that I’ve had a chance to handle both of them I’m not so sure who my favorite is they are both awesome dolls.
SDCC Tokidoki Dal Vendettina x Pullip Super Stella
For anyone wondering about Vendettina, I had posted a review of my friend’s while it was in my possession but I have since managed to acquire my own. I hope that Groove and Tokidoki partner together again to release more dolls in the future.

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  1. KatsCauldron says:

    I can’t find the one Pullip I had and need to know: are their necks the same size as Monster High about?

    Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 01:19:34 +0000 To:

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