MIO (Make it Own) Wigs revisited

I previously reviewed the Make it Own or MIO wigs a while back, Pullipstyle had very graciously loaned me their production samples so that I could review them here. JPGroove then very graciously sent me a box of MIO items including the wigs for me to play with. I decided to try the wigs on different dolls (well mostly, Princess Rosalind had already staked her claim on the one) this time around and get some more pictures.
From Right to Left: Yuri in the curly bob wig, Mami in the twin roll wig and Princess Rosalind in the braided wig. 

1234781_592492227456669_251432168_n 1208882_592492230790002_720615169_n
Wig 1- Carl Braided Wig (Brown) MSRP 2625 yen

The model for this wig is Pullip Princess Rosalind, she is wearing the Happiness Chiffon Dress set.
Quality– Wig is nice and soft. The color is lovely shade of dark brown. It has a bit of a curl to it but nothing to be afraid of. The quality is really nice.
I’m still surprised by how absolutely perfect this wig is on Princess Rosalind, it’s such a gorgeous wig though it would look nice on a lot of girls but Rosalind has already claimed this one.

1187153_592492187456673_1220453833_n 1208815_592492190790006_1698652744_n
Wig 2- Karabobu/ Wig Curly Bob (brown) MSRP 2415 yen

The model for this wig is Pullip Yuri, she is wearing the British Nerd Outfit Set.
Quality – Unlike the production sample I had previously this one seems to be  symmetrical. It’s a nice soft wig, nothing I can think of to complain about on this one as quality is really nice.
This one is my favorite of the MIO wigs released so far it’s a cute style, nice color and easy to care for. I really love this wig on Yuri who is currently shopping for a permanent wig so I think she may keep it though Tiphona looked really lovely in it as well.

1157591_592492184123340_2123976410_n MW002_2
Twin Roll (platinum) MSRP 2520 yen

The model for this wig is Pullip Tomoe Mami, she is wearing the Happiness Chiffon Dress Set from the MIO line.
Quality I have perhaps a more than healthy fear of curled wigs like this one, so I didn’t handle this wig very much as I was afraid the curls would unravel.  I can say that it is a very soft wig, the hair fiber feels like it’s pretty nice but I’m still not the biggest fan of this style (spiral curls T_T) .
It’s a really pretty style but I’m still terrified of curled wigs like this one as I feel like one wrong move when handling a doll with a wig like this one and the wig is more than likely wrecked. If you aren’t afraid of the curls like I am, this looks like a lovely wig. For now Mami is keeping the wig.

More pictures of the MIO wigs and all the other MIO items on my flickr. Remember you can get your own MIO items from JPGroove and Pullipstyle. A very special to both of them as without them this series of posts wouldn’t be possible!

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