Pullip MIO Line- Happiness Chiffon Dress Set Review

Today’s post will focus on the Happiness Chiffon Dress Set which is part of the MIO or Make it Own line for Pullip. If you somehow haven’t heard already Groove is releasing a new line of products for Pullip called MIO. The line includes everything from clothes sets to shoes to bodies and blank doll kits.  JPGroove very graciously sent me some of the MIO items to review here on my blog. MIOSome general comments about the dress set: It’s a very cute dress set though perhaps a bit too sweet for my normal tastes. I like this outfit set best when paired with the boots from the MIO line as it gives the outfit just a little bit of an edge. It is very well made, it’s a bit cheaper than the other outfit sets designed for Pullip the only downside is that this dress set does not include shoes. Many of the shoes from the MIO line look quite nice with the dress set so perhaps it isn’t a total loss.

Happiness Chiffon Dress Set
Outfit includes: Dress, shrug, two hair accessories, bow belt and gloves. It does not include shoes.
MSRP: 3990 yen

Modeling the Happiness Chiffon Dress set is the lovely Princess Rosalind. In addition to the dress set, she is wearing the Carl Braided Wig as well as boots from the MIO line.
How well does it fit? Like a dream! It fits type 4 wonderfully.
But wait! Of course, it’s going to fit type 4 the dress set was obviously designed for type 4.  The real question is how well does the dress set fit anything else. Well I’m glad you asked, I tried the dress set on a type 3 Pullip, an obitsued Pullip as well as a Dal and here are the results….
Type 3
Our Type 3 model for today is actually Pullip Yuri who has been rebodied on a type 3 Pullip body. In addition to the Happiness Chiffon Dress Set, Yuri is also wearing the Karabobu wig and boots from the MIO line.
How well does it fit? The dress set fits Type 3 very nicely, I dare say it fills out the dress set a bit better than the type 4 does.

Pullip Papin is on a 27cm meduim soft-bust obitsu, she is wearing the Twin Roll Platinum wig from the MIO line in addition to the Happiness Chiffon Dress set and the strap shoes (with enough effort they can go on obitsu but I recommend the utmost care be taken if you decide to try as the straps could easily break).
How well does it fit? The dress set fits her beautifully. The only trouble I had with the dress set and the obitsu was getting the dress up past obitsu’s thicker than Pullip thighs but it didn’t take very much effort and wasn’t much of an issue. I tried to put the dress on a Pullip with a large bust obitsu but that was a definite no. This set will not fit large bust obitsu. The gloves did not fit over the obitsu hands.
Isn’t she precious?

Today’s Dal model is Chenille du Jardin. She is wearing boots from the MIO line in addition to the dress set.
MIO How well does it fit? The dress set doesn’t fit Dal very well. It’s pretty oversized, it’s not terrible though in a way it’s kind of cute.

If anyone has any requests for me to try the dress set on a different type of doll body please leave a comment here and I’ll try to add it (so long as I have the requested doll or body type).

Once again, thanks to JPGroove who this entry would not possible without.

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3 Responses to Pullip MIO Line- Happiness Chiffon Dress Set Review

  1. Cateryna says:

    Hi, I was wondering if clothes under the ‘Doll Clothes’ section of Pullip Style would fit the MIO Pullip body? I noticed that there weren’t many outfits in the outfit part of the MIO section, so, I was hoping I could buy one of the other outfits. :3 I was thinking of buying the MIO Pullip set and wanted to be able to buy a good amount of cute outfits, once I save up enough money, lol.

    Oh, and this chiffon dress is really cute~ Definitely gonna buy it. xD

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