JPGroove Pullip Sample Sale and other Specials!

I love sales and basically anytime I can get a deal on something especially if it something doll related and bonus points if it is Pullip related! JPGroove currently has some very exciting Pullip related offerings via their website at the moment so I thought I would share!

JPGroove is currently running another Sample Sale. What’s a Sample Sale? The dolls featured in the Sample Sale were previously used in displays at events such as SDCC. The dolls don’t come with their boxes, cards or stands they may even be missing a small accessory or two. They have been handled so I would not buy with the expectation that will be an absolutely mint pristine doll. All of the dolls I have received from previous Sample Sales have been in reasonably nice condition with minimal issues but I order with the expectation that there will be some sort of minor issue and it’s a pleasant surprise when they don’t. The prices are pretty irresistible, I’m honestly not even looking at what’s available again because I fear I may not be able to resist especially if Pullip Carmilla is still available! You can check out the whole selection of Sample Sale dolls here, it appears that more dolls are added periodically so I recommend checking every now and again. There is also a factory sale going on though the only thing available via it as of this writing is stands, so it might be something to consider if you need a stand to go with your Sample Sale doll.

JPGroove is also offering the new Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pullip outfit sets via their website. These outfit sets were announced earlier this year and were previously only available via BtSSB’s website, you can read a bit more about them here . I like the outfit sets but my biggest complaint about them was that for that price I felt that they should have at least included shoes! JPGroove’s current special has come up with a solution to the lack of shoe problem and MIO or Make It Own shoes will be included for free with the purchase of any of the three new fashion sets, this is a limited time offer and I’m not sure how long it’ll last. The outfit sets are priced at $84.99 each and are available via their website at the following links; Be My Valentine ~Bless from Juno and the Aria of Bird (saxe blue dress), La Priere ~ The Glimpse of a Dream Through the Glass Window (black dress) and Be My Valentine ~Bless from Juno and the Aria of Bird pink (pink dress). I know the outfits are costly but the cost of normal human BtSSB clothing can easily run into the $100s so maybe if you collect BtSSB clothing the price doesn’t seem so bad in comparison?

I bet those beige and black boots would be absolute perfection with the black dress.

JPGroove has listed a whole ton of little Pullips including many from the older classic line which can be quite hard to find like Little Fantastic Blue Alice, I was overjoyed to be able to add Little Leprotto to my little crew via their website a few weeks ago. It’s really worth it to click around on their website a bit as like there are definitely some hidden treasures like I also found Namu Fai on there for less than $30. There are also a number of dolls with similar themes being sold as Groove value sets at a nice discount and some sets even qualify for free shipping within the US.



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7 Responses to JPGroove Pullip Sample Sale and other Specials!

  1. As someone who just bought a JSK from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, it’s more like $200+, but I think the Volks dresses are around that level too!

    • kleintoys says:

      When Pullip Rose I think was announced I priced out the human sized version of her outfit set and it was almost $500 and that wasn’t including shoes either. The prices are a bit scary but I hear that the quality is pretty amazing.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Little Series. I noticed the sample sale a couple days ago. I was able to grab a few newer dolls I hadn’t picked up yet, but had missed the additions to the Littles. There were quite a few I’d been wanting for a while, like Luce, but wasn’t willing to pay Ebay prices. Thankfully Groove takes Pay Pal with pay after delivery now. I’m not allowed to open your emails for a while…

    • kleintoys says:

      I made that same discovery about pay after delivery, I may be waiting on a sample sale doll myself ^^; . The mini Pullip prices can be kind of crazy sometimes, I’ve been slowly collecting the classic little Pullip line myself and I spent years searching for a reasonably priced Little Leprotto I was so happy to finally find her on Groove’s website!

      I have reviews of Cassie and Callie coming up some time this week!

      • Lisa says:

        I’m looking forward to the Cassie and Callie reviews. I’ve been on the fence about them. There are still some Pullips higher on the wish list. I really like their stock photos, though. The face ups are so lovely and they’re so sweet.

  3. I almost bought the sample Carmilla last night, but then I checked my bank balance and realized that if I did, my auto insurance payment would bounce. 😦 I’m desperately hoping she’ll still be there when I get paid later this week…but I’ll understand if you get her first. 😉

    • kleintoys says:

      Someone beat us both to her unfortunately, I’m okay with it because I’ve made a lot of doll purchases recently. Next time maybe we’ll both get lucky as I noticed there were multiple Laura(s) listed.

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