Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates introduces line of doll clothing (Pullip)

Groove made an interesting announcement via their blog the other day, the lolita clothing label Baby, the Stars Shine Bright will be introducing a new line of 22cm doll sized lolita clothing ideal for Pullip. In the past, Groove has frequently collaborated with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright as well as their sub-brand Alice and the Pirates to base Pullip’s outfit off of actual human sized clothing releases by them. Some of the releases from this collaboration include the Le Petit Prince series, both versions of Nella and Johan as well as My Favorite Ribbon/Chocolate Ribbon and La Robe Vert Clair/La Robe Vert Bleu.

The new doll clothing line will be available via Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s website, the line will be launching with two different color versions of the Be my Valentine ~ Juno of blessing and birds of Aria~ pattern doll dress set available for immediate sale as well as the Look to La Prière~ Glass Window Dream Doll dress set which is currently available for reservation and will be released in late May. It is not known at this time if the fashions will be available for sale on website’s other than Baby, the Stars Shine Bright where they are priced at 9000 yen each. The price admittedly seems to be higher than we are used to for the fashion packs released by Groove but these are from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright whose outfits sell for $100s and that the the blue version of  the Be My Valentine doll dress set has already gone out of stock as of this writing there is a lot of demand for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright doll fashions.

It should be noted that Pullips were used to model the fashions, it is not known at this time how well these fashions will fit other dolls in the Groove family or other doll brands such as Blythe. It should also be noted that the outfit sets are sold as a dress or blouse/jumper set as well as a decorative headdress, they do not include shoes or any sort of tights/stockings so you will likely have to finish off the outfit in your own style.
B40OT012-13Be My Valentine~Bless from Juno and the Aria of birds~doll dress set is available in both pink and sax (light blue) versions. The set was based off of the human sized fashion of the same name released earlier this year by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright here is an archival link of it on lolibrary (Baby, the Stars Shines Bright likes to delete listings after they sell out).
B40OT012-pThe pink set contents, I think I prefer the pink set over the blue.
B40OT012-sxThe blue version is already out of stock on Baby, the Stars Shine Bright I’m not really familiar with how Baby, the Stars Shines Bright works so I am unsure if it actually be restocked at a later date and time or if it is just completely sold out/all gone.
P12OT008-08 (1)This is the La Prière ~The Glimpse of a Dream through the Glass Window~ Doll Dress Set which will be released in late May! I can’t seem to find a direct human counterpart for this dress set though it is similar to this set and looks like maybe a simplified version of it (the skirt at least looks like a more simple version closer to this ). I can’t imagine how hard it is to translate some of these fashions to such a small scale.
P12OT008-bOf the outfits in the debut line, this is the one I am the most tempted by as wouldn’t this look absolutely stunning on Pullip Lunatic Queen or maybe Rose from the Petit Prince? I’m not sure I could justify the cost just for an outfit set.

I look forward to seeing what Baby, the Stars Shines Bright does in the future and if they will continue to release more doll fashion packs in the future. I will be sure to update if in the event that the outfit sets appear to be getting a wide release and will be offered by more retailers. I hope that Groove decides to release more reasonably priced, versatile fashion packs themselves in the future!

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1 Response to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates introduces line of doll clothing (Pullip)

  1. They’re definitely pretty dresses — especially the black one — but I can’t imagine paying that much for a doll dress. I don’t even like to pay that much for my *own* clothes! (Then again, I’m the “jeans and a T-shirt” type. I leave the high fashion to my dolls.)

    I know Dollfie Dream outfits go for even more than these, but given the size difference, that doesn’t feel *quite* as overpriced, considering how much more material goes into them. (Not that I’d feel comfortable spending that much on doll clothes in 1/3 scale, either…)

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