Creator’s Label Pullip Cassie

Groove recently released a set of matched twin Pullips named Cassie and Callie. The twins are part of the Creator’s Label line where Groove partners with different customizers from around the world to bring us dolls in that customizer’s style, Happy Dolly and Memento are the designers of Cassie and Callie. Happy Dolly designed the face ups of the twins while Memento made the stock outfits for the twins. They previously collaborated with Groove before to release Isul Glen back in 2013 as a part of the Creator’s Label line. Pullips Cassie and Callie were released in May in Japan and will be released very soon here in the US. The twins have a MSRP of 20000 yen each.

Cassie & CallieI recently received the unexpected surprise of both dolls, which kind of put me in a quandary of how to go about doing their review(s). I made the decision that it would be a tremendous disservice to both Pullips Cassie and Callie just to do a single combined review of them. I will post a review of each doll separately to give doll a moment to shine to be followed by a post featuring both dolls with comparisons as well as photos featuring the two of them together to better illustrate both how well they complement each other as well as me a chance to compare and contrast them.

First up for review is Pullip Cassie, she is the twin in the blue dress.

CassieOn a lovely day in spring…. I put on my beloved dress, wear little makeup…. Then grab my bag and go shopping with my sister…. We love to sit around and have some cakes at a cafe….. Ah! So Happy…..Feel Like So.

Unfortunately in my excitement at the unexpected arrival of Pullips Cassie and Callie I got a bit hasty and neglected to get box shots of them. By the time I even thought of grabbing my camera, Cassie was already completely deboxed and Callie was mostly deboxed oops ^^; . I can say that the twins came with the standard plastic stand in white and as well as a collector’s card.
Cassie face upCassie’s face up is done up in Happy Dolly’s signature very blushy style. She has a bit of a smokey eye make up and very intricate and dainty little eyelashes. She has a subtle little heart shape on her lips and there is a bit of a gradient with the center being darker and getting lighter the farther you go out from there. Her lips are a very lovely shade of pink with a little bit of orange or peachy undertone. Cassie even has a bit of contouring shading underneath her lips, it really gives her (and her sister release Callie) a very unique appearance with their very realistic bjd-esque face ups.  The unique face ups are what really draws me to the Creator’s Label line, it gives more people a chance to enjoy a customizer’s unique style. Her eye chips are brown, they are done up in shoujo or “girl comic” style. Face up comparison between the twins can be seen here, I’m saving an in depth write up of comparison for the post about both dolls but in case anyone is impatient.
Pullip Cassie Stock OutfitPullip Cassie’s stock consists of a dress, cardigan, hat, necklace, kitty backpack, tights, panties and shoes. I neglected to include her hair bow in this photo. The color of her dress is a nice mint blue with a hint of a green, the lace on her dress and on her tights are a soft white (maybe slightly off-white as they are not like a super stark white) while the cardigan is a nice cream color which complements the shoes nicely . The necklace is made of real metal and features a charm of the Eiffel tower. The cardigan appears to be knitted and would probably be a very versatile piece to add to just about any doll wardrobe. Overall the quality of her stock is really nice, it features a lot of lace and is very nicely detailed.
Close up of Cassie's cute shoes!I am especially fond of her adorable little shoes, they are very well made and fit her perfectly! The bows give the shoes a very feminine touch.
CassieI have a hard time pinpointing the color of the wig, the closest description I can think of is sandy brown. The wig is a subtle mix of a few different colors some brown and some lighter which I think is making the color harder to pinpoint. The wig is nice quality and comes already styled in a side bun with a few tendrils of her tresses escaping.
CassieCassie is a very stylish girl! She manages to looks very elegant yet she is still a bit playful with her kitty backpack.
CassieI’m not honestly sure if I managed to get her  hat on correctly or not but it is very cute and nicely detailed with little white flowers.
CassieThe dress hiding underneath the cardigan is very cute! The lace on the overskirt extends past the blue underskirt and has a lovely scalloped edging.  I love the intricate floral designs on the lace.
CassieI couldn’t resist taking a selfie style photo of Cassie.
CassieCassie’s kitty backpack is very cute, I love the way eyes glance to the side. This picture also gives a pretty good view of the Eiffel tower charm on her necklace.
CassieSuch pretty eyelids they are very reminiscent of all the lace used in her stock outfit, I don’t think we have ever seen such an intricate design on Pullip’s eyelids normally at most they are colored to match the eye make up with maybe a little eyeliner.
CassieSomehow Cassie just seems to have a bit of youthful innocence about her, she almost reminds me of a little girl playing dress-up she is like a little girl’s idealized form of what she will look like all grown up, the picture of femininity and grace.
If anyone is interested there are lots more photos of Pullip Cassie on my flickr. Pullip Cassie and Pullip Callie are now in stock and available for purchase on JPGroove, they are still in the preorder stage on Pullipstyle but they will be in stock some time in the next week. I hope you enjoyed this review, please look forward to Callie’s review being posted in the next few days with the combined post to follow shortly after (maybe the Heart Galesnjak Heart Look outfit set somewhere in between as I already have that review mostly written up in another of the 100+ tabs I have open on google chrome at the moment ^^;). Au revoir!

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