Le Petit Prince Fox/Le Renard available @Pullipstyle! Also the return of the JPGroove Rare Doll and Sample Sale!

Pullipstyle received their monthly preorder/restock shipment on Friday, new releases Pullip My Melody x Hen-Nako and Dal Princess Small Lady (from the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series) are now in stock. Pullip Fox/Le Renard from the Petit Prince x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Pullip collaboration series is also now in stock, Pullipstyle has said that they were only able to secure a small amount of her so if you want one I would not delay in ordering her!
I have already ordered Pullip Fox and will be posting a review of her here soon after I receive her! Isul Petit Prince is also still in stock as of this writing, I recently posted a review up of him which can be viewed here if Isul Petit Prince is also still in stock as of this writing, I recently posted a review up of you like.

In other news, JPGroove is having another rare doll sale as well as a sample doll sale. Dolls featured in the rare doll sale are brand new NRFB dolls, you can see what is available here make sure to check back often as it is periodically updated. Sample sale dolls are dolls that have previously been on display at doll shows/conventions they come without stands and may be missing some accessories (they try to note if something is missing but sometimes they miss things). It should be noted that there are absolutely no returns, refunds of exchanges on dolls from the sample sale; I would not buy from the sample sale if you want or expect an absolutely mint doll. When I’ve ordered from previous sample sales I’ve been fortunate and received dolls in great condition with only the odd missing accessory here or there but when I order I expect that the doll is going to be missing like everything possible and will require some work so when they arrive in nice shape it’s a pleasant surprise rather than a disappointment when they arrive missing a random accessory rather than a disappointment.  Again, I recommend checking back frequently as dolls are periodically added to the sale and some sell out lightning quick.

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