Pullip Mocha MIO (Make it own) kits announced!

Groove has announced some very exciting news via their blog last night, they will be releasing the very popular MIO or Make it Own Pullip kits in a new skin tone called Mocha. Pullip’s skin tone normally redefines the word pale, doll releases with darker skin tones are normally pretty few and far between even the supposed tanned skin tone that was previously released as a MIO kit is still pretty pale.

Since the MIO kits were first announced western fans of Pullip have been asking for a MIO kit with a rich, dark skin tone. Groove has finally heard our prayers and are releasing the mocha MIO kit, the new MIO kits are said to be the same skin tone as previous Pullip release Nahh-ato. Nahh-ato has always been a popular choice to customize because of her beautiful tan skin tone unfortunately she has become harder and harder to find over the years as a result with the release of the mocha MIO kit, everyone will have a chance to customize a beautiful tan skinned girl. I hope we see more diverse skin tones in the Pullip line in the future,  I think it’s still way too early to tell if Groove will also be releasing MIO kits of other dolls in the Pullip family in this skin tone they will probably wait to see how well these sell first but keep in mind that Pullip always sells best so just because we have a mocha Pullip MIO kit doesn’t guarantee Isul or Dal kits in this skin tone. It’s also not clear at this time if the mocha MIO kit is a one time only production run or if this will be something that will be in continual production like the other MIO kits. I’m still holding out hope for fantasy skin tones, I’d kill for a sky blue MIO kit.
Mocha MIO kits coming soonPullipstyle has confirmed that they will be carrying the mocha MIO kits, I would assume based on the release date that they will be in stock on their store in late March. Pullipstyle does not do preorders for MIO kits so please keep a close eye on their website if you are interested in purchasing!

I’ll be sure to order a mocha MIO kit as soon as they become available and will be doing various skin tone comparisons with it once it arrives as I believe that I have just about all of the Pullips that are not pale.

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1 Response to Pullip Mocha MIO (Make it own) kits announced!

  1. kkwaltz says:

    Ahh this is great! If this does well I’d love a MIO Isul in Mocha too. I hate that there’ve been no dark Isuls & at this point I’d be happy to just have a MIO. But omg I’m with you on the blue skin *w*

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