Sailor Moon x Pullip – Sailor Star Healer Announced

Groove has officially announced the release of the final member of the Sailor Star trio from their popular collaboration line with Sailor Moon via their blog tonight. Sailor Star Healer will be the nineteenth overall doll released as a part of the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series. Sailor Star Healer is set for a May release in Japan so we will not see her here in the US until June, she is priced is at 22000 yen which is just shy of $200 USD as of this writing.

Sailor Star HealerCut through the darkness, wandering shooting star … Sailor Star Healer! Stage On! ….. Mood

Sailor StarlightsAs I mentioned above, Sailor Star Healer will be the final member to complete the Sailor Stars trio the three Starlights are arguably some of the strongest releases  in the Sailor Moon collaboration line their character designs just seemed to translate really well into doll form and Groove did a really great overall job with them.
Sailor Star HealerThe engineering on the Sailor Stars outfits always impress me, I can’t imagine how nightmarish it must be to put together something so detailed on such a small scale, I just hope that it is good in person as it looks in photos.
Back view of the outfit for anyone curious.
Sailor Star HealerI absolutely love and adore the stylized eye make up and the brilliant blue eye chips. I also love that her lips are done they seem to have a bit of a gradient where they are darker in the middle and paler the farther they go out resulting in a mostly nude lip.
P167_bannerBandai Shop once again has a bonus outfit set available exclusively to those who preorder through them. The exclusive version costs 3000 yen more than the standard version and comes with Sailor Star Healer’s civilian identity Yaten’s clothing. I’m not quite sure the outfit set is worth that much to me ^^;

Verdict: Sailor Star Healer was always my favorite character of the Sailor Stars so I’ll be sure not to miss this one!

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