Petit Prince Isul

The book Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has been delighting children around the world for generations now, it’s been published in over 250 languages and has sold over 140 million copies. A new animated film using a mix of stop-motion and computer animation based on the beloved children’s classic and distributed by Paramount  is set to be released in the US in March of this year, although it has yet to premiere in the US it has already been released last year in France. I look forward to the US release of the film as I can’t wait to see it.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is producing a line of Lolita clothing based on the book/film, Groove is partnering with BtSSB as well as Paramount to release dolls based on characters from the film/book wearing doll sized versions of BtSSB’s clothing designs. The first doll in the line to be released is an Isul based on the title character Petit Prince “little prince”, in later months he will be joined by Pullip releases based on the characters of Renard (Fox) and Rose… and perhaps more dolls are yet to come.

I bought Isul Petit Prince via Pullipstyle, he was priced at $150 plus shipping which I believe was $5.95. Pullipstyle was only able to secure a small number of Isul Petit Prince so they chose not to offer him for preorder and to just list him on the website when he came in stock, I assume they will probably do something similar with the subsequent dolls in the line Pullips Fox and Rose.

Petit Prince Isul My Star will just be one of the Stars for you…. And so you will love to watch all the stars in the heavens….. They will all be your friends…..Situation Like So.

Petit Prince Isul in the box.
Petit Prince Petit Prince Petit Prince

The quality of Isul Petit Prince’s Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designed stock outfit is exquisite. His stock consists of a jacket, blouse, corset, boots, rosetta and rapier. His coat is made of a rich velvety material and is nicely detailed. The white blouse and pants as well as corset are nicely made as well, I especially love the rose detail. His rapier is plastic, he lacks grippy hands but due it’s clever design he is still capable of holding of it without much trouble. My only complaint is that I would have liked it if he came with a proper scarf as it is kind of a signature of his character.

The wig? The golden color is great, it has a texture that is curly so it has a tendency to look pretty wild. It’s been a long time since I have read the book but I seem to remember his hair being described as tussled which his wig would definitely qualify as.
Petit Prince Face UpPetit Prince has a very natural face up, he is not overly made up and dramatic like some of the other Isuls ie. Classical Mad Hatter etc. . I especially love his pale pink lips and his sparkly blue eye chips whose true beauty can not be captured in photos! His eyebrows are a bit unusual, I don’t dislike them but they are not something I’ve seen before style-wise on an Isul.
Petit PrinceI was initially planning on skipping the titular character of the Petit Prince line in favor of saving the money to use towards the subsequent dolls in the line but I have a soft spot for Isul and I just knew I would end up regretting skipping him if I did. I’m glad I took the chance and ordered him as I absolutely do not regret it, he is amazing! I had a lot of fun playing with him.
Petit PrinceGroove did a really fantastic job doing the character justice, I know BTSSB was responsible for designing the stock but Groove did a great job of keeping the stock in mind while designing the doll and they gave him a natural face up that did not clash with the overall design.
Petit PrinceThe rapier is a great accessory, it really lends itself nicely to dynamic poses. For anyone curious, it’s made of plastic and has copyright information printed on one side of it. I didn’t have much trouble getting him to hold it despite his lack of grippy hands, the swords pummel helps to stabilize it.
Petit PrinceSuch a darling little boy! Generally I don’t care for boy dolls all that much but lately Isul has grown on me quite a lot, I think part of it is because Groove keeps on putting out so many well designed Isul releases.
My precious roseThe prince loves his rose, though it may not be the only rose in the world it is still unique and special because it is the one he loves.
Petit PrinceThe outfit without the coat, his pants have a bit of a puff to them flaring out a bit on the sides. The outfit underneath is a bit plain but well tailored.
Petit PrinceFor ever more pictures of Isul Petit Prince please check out my flickr. As of this writing, he is still available for purchase via Pullipstyle but they have also said that they only handful left so if you would like to add Petit Prince to you collection, don’t delay! I’m dying of anticipation waiting for Pullips Renard and Rose to join the Petit Prince Isul in the coming months.
Petit Prince Isul

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