SDCC Exclusive Tokidoki Pullip Super Stella

This year Groove partnered with Tokidoki to release a superhero themed Pullip and Dal as SDCC exclusives. Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina were both limited to 250 each and were priced at $130 at SDCC. I love Tokidoki and superheroes so of course I was beyond excited about the dolls unfortunately end of July/first half of August had a lot of expenses pop up all at once (bought a new car, medical expenses related to my daughter breaking her arm and having to go to a specialist as well as tuition for her school which she starts next week) so I wasn’t able to immediately get them.

I finally managed to get my hands on a Pullip Super Stella, unfortunately for our purposes here at least my Super Stella’s box is autographed by Simone Legno the creator of Tokidoki. I have a great love of autographed memorabilia etc  so I can’t bring myself to debox her so I will not be able to do a proper review of her. Since there is a distinct lack of owner photos of her I have decided to share box shots of her at least.

Super Stella
Super Stella in the box with Simone Legno autograph/sketch.
Tokidoki Super Stella IMG_5140 Tokidoki Super Stella

Super Stella comes with a cane/wand and a hair clip in addition to her stock outfit. Her stock outfit consists of a tank top, cape, removable belt, skirt, leggings, boots and gloves. While she does come with a stand, she does not come with a card (Vendettina didn’t either).

Stock quality? Well I haven’t deboxed her but her stock doesn’t impress me as much as Vendettina’s did I am absolutely in love with tights/leggings though. Her wig seems to really soft and silky, the color is really lovely too.
Super Stella Face UpI am absolutely in love with her lips, all Pullips have the same headsculpt for the most part (the head mold changes slightly when a new body is introduced) but Groove is able to make it look like the shape of certain features have changed with the face up. I love the very smiley lip paint job on her. Her eye make up is nice though not extraordinary, it looks familiar to me but I can’t place whose eye make up it reminds me of. She has very striking blue eyebrow. Her eyechips are glittery silver they are similar to Kiyomi’s golden eye chips though I must say I much prefer the silver.
Tokidoki Super Stella
Close up of the sketch/autograph as it’s pretty cool.

Non-autographed Pullip Super Stella is available for purchase via Pullipstyle. Super Stella’s slightly more villainous looking counterpart Dal Vendettina is also available via Pullipstyle, if you haven’t done so already please check out my review of her here. If I ever do manage to get my hands on another Super Stella I will most definitely be posting a full, proper review of her here.

Dal Galla’s review will be next, it is already mostly written up I just keep on getting distracted by other things lately ^^; Beyond that I’m not sure who will be reviewed next my most recent arrivals include Galene, La Robe Vert Clair and Aurora if anyone has any strong feelings about who they wish to be reviewed next please leave me a comment… though I did also receive a Papin lately so I am highly tempted to write like an epic novel length review devoted to how she is the best Pullip ever.

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3 Responses to SDCC Exclusive Tokidoki Pullip Super Stella

  1. I love your blog! If you’re still debating on which review to do next, please consider La Robe Vert Clair. Though I would also be interested in your “slight” obsession with Papin.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks you so much ❤ If you are on the fence about La Robe Vert Clair I recommend you act now, JPGroove has said she is almost sold out and will not be restocking and Pullipstyle only has one left in stock! Papin really is best Pullip 🙂

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