The Return of Dalicious! Dal Photo Contest on Dolly Market Forum

The fourth round of Dalicious has been announced! Dalicious is a photo contest for Dals on the Dolly Market forum (largest Pullip forum in the US), you don’t have to be a member of Dolly Market to participate in the contest though. Sign-ups opened today, you can enter by sending the following information to

Forum Name: (or other preferred name if not on the forum)
Dals Name:
Dals Age:
Fun Fact About Your Dal:

A 200×200 picture of your Dal contestant is also required to be put on the contestants page. Signs up run through until September 15th, the contest will begin on September 20th and run through October 25th.

I look forward to seeing all the delightful photos of Dals!

Froggy Dal
Ever wonder what I did with the Dal MIO kit I received from Groove? Requiemart made me a Froggy Dal!

I love Dal so I am very excited that Dalicious will be returning after being on hiatus for a few years. Though I will not be competing this round, I look forward to seeing all the lovely pictures of Dal that will result from the contest. I’m not sitting this round out completely, I will be helping to judge and am currently seeking donations to be used as prizes for Dalicious. 

EDIT: If you are on the fence about competing I should mention that there will be some absolutely fabulous prizes! JPGroove has agreed to donate a wonderful prize for the contest. Pullipstyle is donating a Little Dal + to be used as a prize.  Requiemart is donating any normal pattern from her etsy shop to be used as a prize. 

I completely forgot to mention that the coupon code DALBYUL5 is still active and is good for $5 off any Dal or Byul (except Silane and Vendettina) on Pullipstyle. If you don’t own a Dal yet and want to compete or you have your heart set on using a certain Dal you don’t own yet as a competitor there is still plenty of time to get in your order in! 

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