SDDC Tokidoki Dal Vendettina

As a change of pace, instead of showcasing pictures that are not mine from SDCC I’m going to showcase the SDCC exclusive Tokidoki Dal Vendettina who does not belong to me. This year Groove partnered with Tokidoki to release two Tokidoki themed superheroes Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina as SDCC exclusives. Both dolls were limited to 250 and were priced at $130 each. Groove has previously collaborated with Tokidoki to give us Pullips Luna and Lunarosa, then Groove paired Tokidoki with Hello Kitty to give us the super amazing Violetta earlier this year.

I had asked someone to pick the dolls up for me but I hadn’t heard back, I hesitated to ask my SDCC source that took all the pictures for me as I didn’t want to potentially be obligated to pay for two sets of dolls. I did ask my SDCC source to pick up the Dal for a friend of mine that lives overseas, it has a layover here before going on to it’s proper home but I was told I could photograph her to my heart’s content until sending her on….

Tokidoki Vendettina
I actually quite like her box, normally the SDCC slim boxes are pretty boring either all black or white with a sticker. This one has a wrap around Tokidoki print. Her box also revealed her product number: D- 153 (the Pullip’s product number is P-131).

Vendettina in the box
Not my Doll!

Vendettina comes with a mask, hair clip, an asymmetrical dress, shorts, a cape, gloves, a wand and a stand; she does not come with a card :O. I was quite surprised by the wand as it was not shown in the one promo pair of this pair.

Not my Doll! Not my Doll! Not my Doll!

Quality? I was overall impressed with the quality of this release, there are little things I would have changed like I would have went with full plastic boots versus fabric but she is pretty damn awesome. The cape is amazing, I can’t get over the print. The accessories are cute, they look good but I’m not sure how well they would hold up against rough play.

The wig is amazingly soft, one of the best Groove wigs I’ve handled it’s a dark grey/purple mix with a streak of violet and yellow. My one complaint about the wig is that bangs are a little long, if it was my doll I think I would have given them a quick trim.
Not my Doll!
The one promo photo of Vendettina failed to show her face up so I was really wondering what was hidden behind that mask, much to my surprise there was an absolutely stunning face up behind it. Dramatic make up in blue and purple tones, I don’t think I’ve seen a Dal with such bold colors before but I love it. She reminds me of Pullip Afternoon as far as color scheme. She has got the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.
I took this shot to highlight the streaks in her hair, I love the violet streak I’m less in love with the yellow-ish one. I love her little hair clip, it’s a very cute touch.
Vendettina still looks more like a villain to me than a superhero. She has a couple of accents featuring the character Ciao from Til Death do us Part. I love the asymmetrical dress, I didn’t even notice it was in the promo photo it continues the bone motif seen on her boots.
Tokidoki Vendettina
The Tokidoki print on the inside of her cape is amazing. All the detail is really lovely.
Tokidoki Vendettina
I was absolutely ecstatic to hear there would be a Dal SDCC exclusive this year, Dal releases have become so few and far between these days making each one precious. Besides Vendettina the only other Dal released so far this year is the super sweet lolita Silane and the two releases couldn’t be more different than night and day.
Tokidoki Vendettina
More pictures of her on my flickr. Normally this is where I would tell you I bought her from Pullipstyle and how you should check them out but this one came from SDCC.
Thank you, thank you to my amazing friends for making this review possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to add Vendettina as well as Super Stella to my doll crew soon.

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11 Responses to SDDC Tokidoki Dal Vendettina

  1. Choco says:

    Vendettina looks so cool! I like her purple eyebrows. And that cape is really awesome *-*

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ Groove really seems to have stepped up their game with Vendettina, I hope to see more interesting Dals from them in the future!

  2. amelia says:

    She’s really pretty I like her boots and cape the most 🙂

  3. I ended up buying her because of your pics (from that webshop you mentioned.. *shush*)!
    She’ll not only be my very first Dal, but my very first Pullip! (I only own Sasha’s at the moment)

    I never thought Dal would be my first buy, I’ve never really liked the pouty face, but her piercing blue eyes and strong make-up is just awesome and so unique! And I really love her dark Tokidoki stock (besides her boots, eh about them). It really reminds me of what I loved about Tokidoki Luna.

    It seems I really like the unique Pullips, which’s also why I don’t own one yet, my favourites are: Akemi (pink/blue eyes), first Tokidoki Luna, Nahh-ato and Souseiseki, and they’re all impossible to find or seriously expensive. (Seems I’m attracted to special eye-chips/ different colour eye-chips)

    Was reassured by what you said about her hair, I’m not good with styling/keep-up, so I’ve been afraid of getting a pullip and her hair being just horrible and me not having any way to fix it.

    So excited!
    Hopefully you get hold of a set soon! :o)

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m glad you were able to get here. Vendettina is definitely a unique breath of fresh air. She will be very different from your Sashas, Vendettina’s hair should be very easy to care for though if I had my own I would probably trim her bangs just a tad.

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  5. Pullip Guestie says:

    A seller on eBay called pullipstyle that is selling Vendettina is using some pictures from your flickr for the listing. I’m not sure if you allowed that, so I wanted to alert you. I’m also not sure if the seller is related to Pullipstyle on

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks for the heads up but Pullipstyle has blanket permission to use any/all of my photos on their site/their ebay shop (that is their ebay shop). Pullipstyle/JPGroove are the only sellers I allow to use my photos as I trust them completely 🙂

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