Midnight Deja Vu Isul

Midnight Deja Vu was released in May of 2012. He has a MSRP of 12000 yen. He has actually been with me for a while, he was actually a Christmas present that Mr. Klein had bought me from Pullipstyle (Fraulein too though I still haven’t introduced her yet). I don’t tend to fancy the boy dolls as much as the girl dolls so their purchases tend to be few and far between but Midnight Deja Vu had been on the top of my wishlist for a while.

Midnight Deja Vu
Forbidden fruit that shines in the deep darkness… Now extend your arms and see… You must already know the secret behind its sweetness… …situation like so

Snow White series

Midnight Deja Vu, Midnight Velvet, Snow White and Sentimental Noon

Midnight Deja Vu was a part of the Snow White series of dolls alongside Pullips Snow White and Midnight Velvet (wicked step-mother), Dal Sentimental Noon (jester/dwarf) and Taeyang Twilight Destiny (Snow White’s Prince). Midnight Deja Vu is supposed to be the evil queen ie. Midnight Velvet in disguise. I really love this set, so much so that I have everyone but the Taeyang who I’d love to own some day. I’ve previously done reviews of Snow White, Midnight Velvet and Sentimental Noon.

Midnight Deja Vu
Midnight Deja Vu Midnight Deja Vu Midnight Deja Vu

Midnight Deja Vu’s stock is nice quality, I was really impressed with it. His hat and jacket were particularly impressive, I love all the lace and ruffles and it’s just really nicely detailed. I feel like the boy needs a cane to go with his fabulous stock, a cane would have made a great accessory for him. He does not come any accessories besides his hat unfortunately, he does come with the standard stand and card though.

The style of his wig is bit wild, almost like like artful disarray. Despite the style being a bit untamed the wig itself is soft.
Midnight Deja Vu
Midnight Deja Vu has a great gothic face up. He has touches of color on his cheeks and a bit of dark purple eyeliner and very faint shadowing around his eyes not to mention glitter eyeliner, I do believe he is the only Isul with glitter eyeliner. His eye chips are a bit unusual, at first I wasn’t really sure if I liked them or not but they really grew on me.
Midnight Deja Vu
I can’t get over all the ruffles, I especially love the deconstructed collar.
Midnight Deja Vu
I really love the somewhat fancy but also very sinister vibe he gives off, he definitely stands out as one of the Isuls with the most personality to me. I think he may just by my favorite Isul.
Midnight Deja Vu
The shirt underneath his jacket is really nice, you can’t really see it as well when he has jacket on but I love his little crown neck piece.
Midnight Deja Vu
He certainly is a striking lad!
Midnight Velvet & Midnight Deja Vu
Midnight Deja Vu and his other self, Midnight Velvet. They complement each other beautifully.
Midnight Deja Vu & Midnight Velvet
These two would make a great gothic brother and sister pair. Their face ups/skintones are really similar to one another’s.
Midnight Deja Vu
More photos of Midnight Deja Vu are available on my flickr. Midnight Deja Vu is available for purchase via Pullipstyle.
Midnight Deja Vu

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2 Responses to Midnight Deja Vu Isul

  1. Thank you so much for doing the post on this Isul~ I thought he looked interesting from the official promo images, but they don’t do him justice! The pretty blue background you used on the photos is a great touch. The close up on his face-up is really appreciated, I had not noticed the glitter eyeliner before. His outfit is so nice, completely agree with you on the lace and ruffles.

    I’m so torn on which Pullip family doll to get when I’m next able to, I have one Isul (Neko Neko Mao Mao) so far; but Midnight Deja Vu looks amazing, all those Tokidoki and Alice in Wonderland Pullips are so tempting, and I’ve always wanted a Dal. How are you ever able to decide on which to get?

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks, I try to pick backgrounds to best suit the doll I’m photographing. Midnight Deja Vu is over the top and absolutely fabulous.

      Picking who to add next is a very personal thing, it depends on so many factors. For me, there are some dolls that shoot straight to my wishlist as I love them from the first promo shot like Akemi so I preordered her, a lot of other dolls may sit on my wishlist for a while and I’ll prioritize based on how much I want them versus relative popularity as if there aren’t many owner photos of a doll I tend to prioritize it a bit more so I have the opportunity to share photos and maybe show people a doll they may have overlooked otherwise.

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