Pullip Eloise

I recently acquired Pullip Eloise, she honestly hadn’t been that high on my wishlist but I hadn’t seen many owner photos of her so I decided to take a chance and buy her when I saw her pop up for sale used. As soon as I saw her in person, I was absolutely taken with her and did not regret my decision at all.

What was the reason for your visit? Calm and proper…Feel Like So.
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Pullip Eloise is part of the School Diary series released last year alongside Isul Cedric and Taeyang Ethan. As of this time no Byul or Dal has been released or even announced for this series. I own only Eloise from this series, I may add Cedric to my doll family some day though. Eloise has a MSRP of 13,000 yen and was released in September of 2013 just in time for going back to school!


I purchased Eloise used so unfortunately I don’t have any box photos of her to share. Her stock consists of a hair ribbon, jacket (which I immediately ditched as I didn’t care for it ^^;), sweater, ribbon tie, blouse, skirt, sock and shoes. She of course, comes with the standard card and stand. Stock quality is overall nice, there are a lot of cute pieces that look like they have the potential to be quite versatile.

Wig is soft though I’m not terribly fond of the color, I’m pretty sure it’s more or less the same as my natural hair color  which I consider to be a bit boring (at least I think it is can’t remember the last time I neglected to dye my hair).

Eloise Face UpWhat had given me initial hesitation with Eloise was her eye make up, the overly emphasized dual lashes on the side of each eye reminded me a bit of a fish tail which is well not the most attractive of associations. Once I had her in hand I was surprised by how much I actually liked her eye make up. I love the alternating black and dark brown eyelashes of the lower lashes. I love the natural palette of her face up, the blushing on her cheeks and her lips are just exquisite. Eloise has gorgeous blue eyes, they are like the purest and most perfect shade of blue.
Eloise is a great natural beauty!
Previously Jun Planning had released a schoolgirl themed Pullip way back in 2006. She was named Nina and she was the epitome of the cute bubbly schoolgirl and massively popular as a result. This new girl Eloise seems a bit more of a prim and proper schoolgril than Nina. Eloise looks like she attends an exclusive boarding school. Even her name is very classy and elegant.
Underneath her school blazer Eloise has a navy blue sweater with red piping.
Eloise taking her school jacket off.
It’s amazing how elegant and refined she remains even without her blazer.
More photos of Pullip Eloise are available on my flickr. For anyone interested in adding Pullip Eloise to their doll family, she is currently on special at Pullipstyle for $99.99 (and don’t forget to use the coupon code summer20 good for $20 off any $250 pre-shipping costs).

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