Arrival- Midnight Velvet Pullip

Midnight Velvet arrived on Saturday but I didn’t get around to taking pictures until yesterday. Midnight Velvet belongs to the Snow White series of Pullips, she is Snow White’s wicked step-mother. Midnight Velvet also has the distinction of being my first new Pullip in over two months :O .
Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Who is the noblest and fairest one of all eternity? …Feel Like So.

Midnight Velvet Midnight Velvet Midnight Velvet
Midnight Velvet’s stock is fantastic, the quality on it is really is really great. I don’t mind paying nearly $100 for a Pullip when the stock is this nice. The hat is a bit of a bother to work with due to it’s size but not too bad.
Midnight Velvet Face Up
Midnight Velvet’s face up is quite lovely, I’m normally not a big fan of glitter but I think the glitter eyeshadow really looks wonderful on her. I also love her almost monochrome coloring. Her eyechips are something unique that hasn’t really been seen in a Pullip before they are black with flecks of dark grey.
I love how detailed her stock is, I especially love the little touches of gold on her stock.
As I stated in Snow White’s recent blog post, I decided to name both dolls after Once Upon a Time characters the wicked queen is named after my favorite character Regina.
How can something so beautiful be so wicked?
Mary Margaret & Regina
Snow White with Midnight Velvet, I think they look quite lovely together. Though I fear I can not answer as to who is the fairest of the pair.
Mary Margaret & Regina
Some additional photos of the wicked queen on my flickr.
Regina & Mary Margaret

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