Dal Sentimental Noon

Today, I will be posting about Sentimental Noon. She actually arrived late May but due to recent craziness (I’ve either been sick or traveling) I haven’t had the chance to do a post centering on her just yet and well she is just too cute not to post about.
Sentimental Noon
I purchased Sentimental Noon from Pullipstyle . Sentimental Noon is part of the Snow White series of dolls, she represents one of the dwarfs (dwarfs are replaced with clowns/jesters for this release) from the story.

Sentimental Noon Sentimental Noon Sentimental Noon
Sentimental Noon comes with a horrifying clown mask as well as a very cute puppet toy. Her stock is very nice quality, I am particularly impressed with her shoes which are both adorable and hilarious.
Sentimental Noon
I love her face up! I especially love her lips and eyebrows, not to mention her lovely purple eyechips.
Send in the clowns!
There was a sneak peek video leaked online of the Snow White series back in January of 2012, which you can read more about here. All of the dwarfs (clowns) were shown and it seems like Cici became the basis for Sentimental Noon. It’s really interesting to see how close yet far away the original prototype was, the costume is almost dead on but though the coloring is similar the face up looks very different (no white face paint on the actual release). No news on when/if any of the other dwarfs will ever be released.
Sentimental Noon
Sentimental Noon with her little puppet toy, they remind me a bit of Punch and Judy.
I love the stark contrast of her colors, the red really stands out against all the white.
I named my Sentimental Noon Giggles. If I’m honest, part of what attracted me to Sentimental Noon is that she was a jester and I thought that she may just make the perfect clown minion for my beloved Duela. I find myself hoping that the rest of the clown gang is eventually released.
Sentimental Noon
Additional pictures available on my flickr here.

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2 Responses to Dal Sentimental Noon

  1. Ben says:

    One of my flaveorite things about the dolls in the Pullip family, is that they sometimes come with their own toy! I don’t know what it is about a toy holding a toy but I find it adorable!

    Thanks for another great post! It is always fun to see what a doll is like that you don’t own. And I really appreciated the fact that you included the picture of the prototype dolls. I love that stuff!

    • kleintoys says:

      Sometimes Pullip and Company come with really great accessories, I love it when they have great toys.

      Thanks so much for commenting, when I first started out collecting there weren’t so many photos of older releases so I always vowed to take a lot of pictures of whichever dolls I get. I always think it is interesting to see the prototypes versus what actually gets releases, honestly I’ve always kind of been fascinated by the prototypes and which ones see release versus which ones don’t, not to mention which changes are made to the final release.

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