Pullip Snow White & some other thoughts on Pullip

Lately, I’ve been burnt out on dolls- Pullips in particular. The combination of a rapid fire release schedule (we used to get one and in rare cases two Pullips released in a month, December 2012 featured seven new Pullips releases in a single month) as well as more than not the releases just aren’t appealing to me as much anymore. I’ve already failed to mention the rising cost of Pullip (Pullip used to be under $100 unless it was a collaboration, now finding a new release for under that price is pretty rare) plus well the fact that quality is not really improving and the releases are becoming very repetitive (palette swaps such as the nostalgia versions of Nella and Merl for example).

I don’t know…maybe, I’m just bored? I’ve been collecting Pullip for over six years now and I have almost all of the releases up through 2012 (missing a bunch from the back half of 2012 as my indifference towards the brand grew). I don’t think I’m really done with Pullip yet but they are not really getting me excited the way that they used to.

In an effort to get myself interested in Pullip again,  very early on Sunday morning I bought myself a new one that had been on my wishlist for a while.  Midnight Velvet isn’t here yet but she comes from the Snow White series of releases so I figured now would probably be the best time to blog the actual Snow White Pullip I neglected to blog back when I got her in November.
Mary Margaret
The white fingertips that touched the forbidden fruit, the luscious smell of honey that overflows under the alluring skin heard someone’s voice beyond the ceasing conscious… Feel Like SO

Before I begin, I should I actually quite like this release and I had meant to blog her when I got her but that I had hoped to get a second photoshoot in before I did and well I never got around to it ^^; Now without further ado, may I present to you Mary Margaret.
Snow White in the box Snow White in the box Snow White in the box
I love, love her stock! My only complaint is the shoes this is approximately my tenth pair of these shoes in different colors , they just keep on getting re-released despite the fact they look suspiciously like a pair of Barbie shoes I own. Also I kind of wish they had included a normal to scale apple in addition to the apple purse.
Snow White face up
The face up- I love her eye make up, I adore the subtle rainbow hues in her eye shadow.  I even love her eyebrows, the only thing I am not especially fond of her is her lips- I think it’s the shape they seem perhaps just a bit too plump for my tastes although I do love the color. I can kind of appreciate that they tried to give her a different mouth shape as it is more or less the same mold over and over again with each release the only difference being the paint.
Mary Margaret
Snow White was such a cute release, I am really looking forward to photographing her with the much more malevolent Midnight Velvet. I think they will counterbalance each other beautifully.
Mary Margaret
For anyone curious, yes I named after the Snow White character from the ABC show Once Upon a Time. I also fully intend on naming my Midnight Velvet after my favorite character Regina when she arrives. Once Upon a Time is one of the few tv series I actually watch and my devotion to it is no where near my devotion to Game of Thrones (ie. the only other tv show I watch).
Mary Margaret
Trying to look innocent.
Mary Margaret
I really am quite impressed with the quality of her dress with all it’s layers of ruffles.
Mary Margaret
Some additional photos on her on my flickr.
Mary Margaret

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5 Responses to Pullip Snow White & some other thoughts on Pullip

  1. barbielea says:

    She’s very beautiful. I don’t collect Pullip but if I did, she would be top of my list

  2. Charlotte Pierrot says:

    Honestly, I’ve been feeling the same way about Pullip and I only have one Pullip and an Isul! What’s really driving me away from Pullip is the incredibly huge rise in cost. I discovered Pullip in 2010 and Miku’s $114 price tag on PS was considered expensive. Now, we have the Rose of Versailles Pullips at an MSRP ~$150 (I believe it was) for Oscar and André and an astounding $210+ for Marie Antoinette. Not to mention, like you said, the repeating releases. What made Pullips attractive to me was that their faceups were different from those of other dolls and each one was at least a little bit distinct from the other releases. Now, it’s all typical abjd-esque faceups with not that much difference. Also, why did they even do the palette swaps? Nella and Johan I can sort of understand, since the AatP outfits do come in more than one colorway, but Merl and Lir? That’s a complete mystery to me.

    • kleintoys says:

      Part of the issue with the inflated price is the yen in the last five years has gone to being like 115 yen to the dollar to like 78 yen to the dollar (it just recently rebounded to 100 yen to the dollar) the msrp for pullips has also rose over the years. I came in with the Rozen Maidens which were like $120 a pop, I think? I remember thinking how cheap the normal releases were comparablely speaking like $80 or so for a normal release even the collabs were cheaper (I preordered my Prunella for $98). Pullipstyle has the Marie Antoinette dolls for a little bit cheaper than that but the price is still pretty astronomical. I agree completely about the face ups, each one used to be pretty unique now they all just kind of blend together. Merl was popular but popular enough to merit being rereleased as a My Select doll and a palette swap? I don’t think so.

      • Charlotte Pierrot says:

        Whoops, I totally forgot about the yen/dollar conversion… ^^;
        But the price of Pullips really are still throwing me off. I feel like once Groove passed that $100-per-doll-is-ok mark, the prices just skyrocketed like there was no tomorrow. The new Cinderella Pullip is 14,700 yen and it’s… not really special… Her stock could easily be replicated and the entire doll is just sort of bland imo. The only doll I think the bjd-esque faceup really works for is Pere Noel because a very Pullip-y faceup wouldn’t suit her character really well. Other Pullips could have a normal faceup and still look fine. Honestly, I really really want the Rose of Versailles dolls because of their faceups and how well they portray the characters. I’m still sort of worried that their stock will have little things drop off or have unrepairable damage. As for Merl, I think that rereleasing her as a My Select was good enough. The palette swap was quite a stretch.

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