MIO (Make It Own) Pullip Line & wig review

What is Make It Own (MIO)? Besides from being some fantastic Engrish on the part of Groove, it is a new line of stuff for Pullip (and company) so you can customize her and make her your own. The initial offering includes stock replacement bodies, wigs, clothing as well as shoes. Eventually there will also be blank doll kits (including an eye mechanism) offered. This line in theory is a customizer’s dream come true!
Make it Own!

Outfit Set
226635_592491827456709_2112372560_n 1174688_592491830790042_1633123578_n
Happiness Chiffon Dress Set MSRP 3990 yen
The Happiness Chiffon Dress Set is the first clothing offering in the MIO line, it is slightly more affordable than previous outfit sets which tend to run about 4800 yen or so but does not include shoes like the other sets do. The shoes she is pictured with just look they could be easily replaced with a set of black Barbie heels so perhaps it isn’t a big loss.

Verdict: It’s a cute set but personally if I were to buy a set of official Pullip brand clothing it would probably be the British Nerd Set. The British Nerd set does cost about $10 more but it does come with glasses as well as shoes and a few different pieces to mismatch so I see it as being more worth the price.
Shoes what girl doesn’t love shoe shopping? Pullip definitely loves to buy lots of shoes.
1236062_592492094123349_156271909_n 1235479_592492097456682_1547407461_n
Engineer boots x Rubber Sole MSRP 1890 yen:High Heels x short boots MSRP 1890 yen
Set 1: Engineer boots x Rubber Sole– Both shoes in this set have been previously released in a different color scheme, the boots originally came in black along with both versions of Catwoman and though I can’t quite remember who the other set came with, I do know I already have it in two other color variations. I must admit I do love the Engineer Boots, they are a really great style and are very versatile would look great with a bunch of different styles. I like the style of the Rubber Sole shoes but I’m not the biggest fan of the color.

Set 2: High Heels x Short BootsTo my knowledge both sets in this pair are unique and have not been previously released with any dolls I stand corrected the high heels have been previously released with Sasha Lala. The high heels are kind of cute if a bit plain, the boots on the other hand…Are those spats on the boots? I think I’m in love seriously you had me at spats.
1186107_592492100790015_339018731_n 1234988_592492134123345_1265192251_n
Boots x Strap Shoes MSRP 1890 yen: Tassel Shoes x Short Boots MSRP 2205 yen
Set 3: Boots x Strap Shoes-   I don’t think either pair in this set is wholly unique to the MIO line but they are both very classic styles and very chic. I especially love the boots, they are just so stylish!

Set 4: Tassel Shoes x Short Boots– Unlike the other sets, this set is not made for Pullip but rather her boyfriend Taeyang. Taeyang generally doesn’t have a ton of shoe options unlike Pullip, most people end up stealing Ken’s shoes. I can see this set being fairly popular for more Taeyang inclined people (all but one of my Taeyangs live in their stock ^^;).

Verdict: Depending on how affordable they end up being up being once they reach the US market, I can see myself tossing in the Boots x Strap Shoes set as well as the High Heels x Short boots sets in the cart when I order a Pullip. Admittedly I probably would not go over $15 for either set as I can buy most stock shoes second hand for anywhere from $5-$10.

Wigs I was very fortunate to be offered the chance by Pullipstyle to review the sample wigs that they had received from Groove (I’ve already passed them on to Truefan for her to review). As they are product samples they are not the final product so they may end up looking a bit different from the wigs I received.

I have to say that in general, I was pleasantly surprised by the niceness of the wigs. I generally hold Leekeworld wigs up as one of the best quality wigs available to rewig Pullip with… are the MIO wigs as nice as Leekeworld wigs? No but they are generally far superior to the stock wigs that Pullip normally comes with. They have elastic head cap so the wig is a bit stretchy. The only real downside is they are priced similarly to Leekeworld wigs.
1234781_592492227456669_251432168_n 1208882_592492230790002_720615169_n
Wig 1- Carl Braided Wig (Brown) MSRP 2625 yen
The lovely Pullip Princess Rosalind is modeling. This wig is soft and was not frizzy. This wig is pretty close to the promotional pictures maybe just a slightly darker shade of brown but the style is pretty well dead on. Though generally I’m more inclined towards fantasy colors, I do have to say that the wig is a nice rich color. I like this wig so much more than my model Princess Rosalind’s nightmarish stock wig that I will more than likely end up buying this one myself for my own Princess Rosalind.
1187153_592492187456673_1220453833_n 1208815_592492190790006_1698652744_n
Wig 2- Karabobu (brown)
This wig was actually a bit different than the promotional photos, I assume it is just because it is a sample wig produced in advance (the sample Yeolume I previously reviewed had some changes between it and the final product). The sample wig is a bit shorter than pictured in the prototype, it is more a bob and slightly asymmetrical. I actually prefer the style to the prototype.
Pullip Tiphona is the model this time around. I absolutely love the color on this wig, it’s like a perfect shade of sandy brown. It is very soft and was not frizzy at all.

1157591_592492184123340_2123976410_n MW002_2
Twin Roll (platinum) MSRP 2520 yen
Full disclosure– I personally HATE this style of wig, it’s nothing against this wig in particular I just have a bit of a pathological fear of curls and spiral curls like this are the worst~ They give me nightmares! Unlike the others it is not a style I would normally look at.

Now that the disclosure is out of the way…. the platinum blond color is really nice, the wig is fairly soft unlike the others it was a bit frizzy. Since this wig is a lot heavier than the others, Groove had the forethought of including two velcro strips on the inside of the wig to help keep the wig on the doll’s head which is a common trick among collectors; unfortunately the strips are gigantic so it is a bit impractical. If you aren’t afraid of the curls like I am, this looks like a lovely wig. Our model this time around was a rebodied Pullip Yuri.

Verdict: I normally expect to pay $25 or so (before shipping) for Leekeworld wigs which are good quality and soft wigs, I don’t think the wigs produced by Groove are as nice as Leekeworld’s but far better than most of the stock wigs and would certainly rival if not outshine some of the other wig makers out there. If the wigs were say about $15-$20 each, I would definitely buy both of the brown wigs as they are both really lovely, since they suit the models I chose so nicely I think they would be the permanent rewigging choice for both dolls. Personally I would not buy the platinum wig, it has nothing to do with the quality but more with the style which is not something I would buy as I HATE spiral curls.

1234653_592492307456661_454720995_n 1235922_592492304123328_329577641_n 1186030_592492370789988_1713603773_n 1235080_592492300789995_1023337262_n
Pullip MSRP 1942 Yen : Dal/Byul MSRP: 1745 yen : Isul 1942 yen : Taeyang 2205 yen
Finally replacement bodies for Pullips and company! A lot of people choose to rebody their Pullips with obitsu or Volks bodies for better poseability, so finding Pullip bodies on the secondhand market isn’t very hard or expensive. Most Pullip sized obitsu bodies without magnets are only about $17 on JunkySpot which would be cheaper than an official Pullip body replacement at the yen price. I do not see the replacement Pullip bodies themselves being that practical, it’s nice that it’s an available option though.

On the other hand, the fact that they are releasing the other doll bodies is great news! Replacement dal/byul bodies always seem to be in short supply and I personally don’t like the look of obitsu on dal. I know, I could definitely use a few replacement dal bodies.  I have never seen an Isul body sold by itself, I don’t know how prone Isul bodies are to breaking but he’s an odd size so it’s great that replacement bodies are now available for him. Taeyang’s  are prone to broken ankles and popped shoulders so it’s great that there will finally be replacement bodies for them as well.

I think the biggest issue with these bodies is going to be color match, Pullip and company tend to vary skintone from release to release (granted it is mostly shades of pale) so it is unknown which dolls these bodies will match except for the obvious suggested models. It is rumored that the blank doll kits are going to be released in four (as of yet unknown) skin colors and all subsequent doll releases are going to be restricted to those skintones as well. If future releases are restricted to four skintones, it will make the replacement bodies a lot more practical.

Verdict: Awesome idea, the price is a bit high but I could definitely use some replacement Dal bodies and love that this is now option instead of having to wait months for one to pop up on the market secondhand.

Some additional photos of the MIO wigs and the catalog on my Flickr, a special thank you to Pullipstyle for letting me review the wigs. Please keep an eye on their website for the MIO products.

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8 Responses to MIO (Make It Own) Pullip Line & wig review

  1. TrueFan says:

    Great thoughtful review!

  2. Bea Jai says:

    Nice! I am surprised with the wigs’ quality. It’s not in your review but I’d like the blonde/pink one if it’s the same quality.
    I like the Boots x Strap Shoes. The boots, I think would look good in several styles. And the black for a lolita Pullip like mine.
    And I’m so excited for the customizing kits!
    Thanks for the detailed and well-thought review, you can I am a regular visitor n.n

    P. S., unrelated but I got my Papin! Thanks for sharing the love for her. She’s been my grail for years (since ’09, I was in high school then & couldn’t afford one). Regardless of several issues even at NRFB condition she’s really wonderful in person. ◕ ‿ ◕

    • kleintoys says:

      The blond/pink wig wasn’t in the first round of MIO items, it’s in the second round. I was lucky enough to get the three wigs from the first round to review. I definitely feel like the boots x strap shoes are the most versatile set. Thanks so much for continued reading ^_^

      Congrats about Papin, I’m always happy to spread the Papin love! I’m sorry to hear she had some issues though.

  3. kaninchen says:

    actually, the high heels in the first shoe picture have been released with another doll. they came with sasha lala.

  4. Lexi stoner says:

    im just a little girl and i got my first make it own pullip kit but cant find a long pink or blonde wig that is 9-10 im so scared and dont know what to do can you help me find one

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