Arrival- Regeneration Fantastic Alice

Way back in January, Groove announced a new series of Pullips called Regeneration which are basically just new versions of sold out popular old pullips. Groove stressed that they were not reproductions of the originals but more refined versions of beloved old releases. The Regeneration dolls are limited to 500 and well frankly, I’ve paid more for the new Regens than I have for some of the original releases… The first four dolls announced were Fantastic Alice, Fanatica, Moon and Anne. I love Alice in Wonderland so of course, I had to have Regeneration Alice.
Regeneration Alice
I bought Regeneration Alice (and Fanatica) from GrooveUSA’s new shop, this was my first time ordering from them. The dolls were packed really well and they sent me a bunch of little extras like mini notepads featuring different pullips and a 2012 pullip sticker calender. One other kind of interesting thing to note about Groove’s new shop is that they have a points system if you get forty stickers you can trade them in for a new pullip which is great in theory until you realize you only get one sticker per a purchase under $100, two if an order is over $100. They are now also available on Pullipstyle (for a bit cheaper).

Regeneration Fantastic Alice Regeneration Fantastic Alice Regeneration Fantastic Alice
Regeneration Alice’s stock is more or less the same as Fantastic Alice’s stock just a bit more fitted for the new slimmer type 4 body. She came with the white rabbit plush and playing cards that the original did, though the rabbit seems a bit different to me. Her shoes are oversized, I strongly suspect they are in fact the same shoes that came with Fantastic Alice but I haven’t gotten around to confirming it yet.
Regeneration Fantastic Alice Face Up
Face up
Regeneration versus Fantastic Alice
Side by side shot with her predecessor Fantastic Alice.
She is very pretty but somehow, she just doesn’t seem to have the same spunk as Fantastic Alice.
Grin and Regeneration Alice
With my resident Cheshire cat Grin.
Re: Alice
I took this shot as an homage to a picture I took a very long time ago of my Fantastic Alice.
Re: Alice
More pictures on my Flickr
Regeneration Alice

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3 Responses to Arrival- Regeneration Fantastic Alice

  1. alissa says: O_O
    by the way, my regeneration alice will arrive in july and watching your photos i understood that she will get lots of love when she’ll arrive!
    always enjoying your photos, they’re super!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’ve seen the Groove bjd, I am kind of glad to see them branching out a bit but at the same time I am really, really glad I don’t like it as the price tag is quite high (like $460 with current exchange rate). I can think of better dolly uses of almost $500 personally.

      Thanks so much ^_^ Sorry you have to wait so long for yours to arrive.

  2. Aria says:

    The eyelids definitely play a big part in changing the look. I also feel like original’s eyebrows are a bit thicker, which definitely makes her look more little girlish.

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