Arrival- Volks MSD F-19

I got a new addition to my resin family today, the lovely Rebekkah. She is a Volks MSD F-19. She was a full choice system doll but I was not the one who ordered her, I bought her secondhand as-is. The FCS  exists so you can design your own dream doll and I almost feel like I stole someone else’s dream by owning her ^^; .
The F-19 had always been one of my favorite msd headmolds, unfortunately owner photos of this mold are kind of scarce so I was absolutely delighted when I saw one pop up for sale. I have to admit she was a bit of the spur of the moment purchase, I had loved the headmold since I first saw it but I hadn’t ever seen one up for sale before so when I found one I pounced.

Rebekkah is my tenth Volks bjd and my 19th overall bjd (Pukifee Luna and Pong should hopefully be joining us any day now).  She is my fourth and possibly final MSD. Klein is the only other MSD (actually he is a Ko-Tenshi and not a MSD) I have publicly shown, the other two are a Myu and a one-off and they are awaiting new face ups before making their public debut.
Rebekkah Rebekkah Rebekkah
Rebekkah’s backplate number is 10.07/FT.

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