Upcoming Dollfie Dream Release- Saber Lily

Volks recently announced the dolls from the upcoming Dolpa 24 in December. Among the releases announced was the  Saber Lily Dollfie Dream from Fate/Unlimited Codes. I had been hoping for a Saber Lily release….
Saber Lily is 95,000 yen (approximately $1158.09 USD) which is the same as original Saber, of course the yen conversion was a lot more favorable back then. Considering how intricate her stock/armor it almost seems like a bargain.

Releasing Saber Lily always seemed like a logical step especially since Volks has already released so many Fate/Stay Night characters (Saber, Saber Alter, Rin Illya, and Sakura), all of which are pretty popular. I am somewhat surprised that they wasted the opportunity to put out a corresponding Dollfie Dream Dynamite Rider and opted to release an updated Christmas version of original character Alna instead. In retrospect, perhaps it is a good thing for my wallet that they are not releasing Rider.
It was originally love at first sight with her but after intense debates I have decided to pass on her. I like Saber more than Saber Lily, I honestly do not care for her head sculpt as much as I do Saber’s. I am already up to 15 Dollfie Dreams (as there is a someone under the Christmas tree) so I have to really think about it every time I want another DD and I decided I really prefer Saber over Saber Lily. I am hoping to get Saber as my #17 Dollfie Dream some time before my next  birthday towards the end of the March. I intentionally skipped a number as I am hoping to get a Mikuru Dollfie Dream in the meantime. Remember kids, hope springs eternal. Mikuru was supposed to be my 14th DD but I got distracted by Mari and number 15 was not chose by me.
If you are interested in Saber Lily and are not a lucky enough to attend the dolpa, there is a chance any extras will be decided by lottery either internationally through Volks.co.jp or here in the US at VolksUSA.com.

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4 Responses to Upcoming Dollfie Dream Release- Saber Lily

  1. polty says:

    at first she didn’t quite appeal to me, but since i am now being bombarded with purrrty photos like these x3

    she looks so pretty without that armor x3 well, with the skirt :3

    would be great if they released Caster xD

    • kleintoys says:

      At first, I was very much going to get her and then the more I thought about it I was more and more sure I really loved the original more. I think original Saber may blend better with the rest of my motley DD crew too.

      I love the sexy under outfit >_< I love the pristine little bodice.

      I'm still hoping for a Rider, of all the characters not released I think there is the most merchandise of Rider, there has not been a Fate DD on a Dynamite body yet and she seems to be a pretty popular.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I had no idea the original Saber cost so much! Here I thought they must have spiked the price because of all the lovely armor. But as much as I like her she is WAY WAY above my budget. I wonder if they release a Rider if she’ll be this amount too…if so I’ll need to pass for sure.

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