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185/365 Pinocchio Dal

Told you, I was going to skip ahead a bit haha! I finally got the Pinocchio Dal late last month as she had been on special at Pullipstyle.  I just recently got around to deboxing her and decided to take … Continue reading

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March Pullip Releases Officially Announced

March’s releases were officially announced this morning, it’s kind of anti-climatic as they were leaked earlier in the month by a European company that sells pullips. All three releases are collaborations, the pullip is based off of another character portrayed … Continue reading

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Japan Doll Show- Pullip Prototypes

Pictures taken from Pullip.net. I am not exactly sure who is responsible from the photography while I am grateful for the pictures, the photographer could probably benefit from a better camera ^^;. The November/December/January releases- Nothing earth-shattering here. I am … Continue reading

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