185/365 Pinocchio Dal

Told you, I was going to skip ahead a bit haha! I finally got the Pinocchio Dal late last month as she had been on special at Pullipstyle.  I just recently got around to deboxing her and decided to take some pictures of her.  Pinocchio was one of the seemingly ill-fated Disney/Pullip collaboration dolls, most of which proved to be rather unpopular (high cost/weird stock).
185/365- Marionette
I decided to name my Pinocchio, Marionette referencing Pinocchio’s puppet origin. I dislike Groove’s habit of making Dal crossdress, especially since it seems to becoming more and more prevalent.

Pinocchio in the box Pinocchio in the box Pinocchio in the box
Pinocchio’s stock is fairly close to how it appears in the actual Disney film, the quality is decent. I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a strap-on nose, in the Disney film Pinocchio’s nose grows when he lies so the strap-on is a neat little way to actually accomplish it on the doll.
Pinocchio Face Up
I love Pinocchio’s eye make up, it is somewhat reminiscent of Eos’. I really like her face up in general, she makes a nice tomboy face up. Pinocchio also has a nice deep tan skintone.
185/365- Marionette
Marionette is cute in her stock and all, but I much prefer her out of it.
Marionette makes an excellent tomboy.

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3 Responses to 185/365 Pinocchio Dal

  1. Avalon says:

    Damn it. Another Dal goes on the ever growing Dal wishlist!

    But seriously, I love her out her stock. The outfit you have her in is adorable!

    • kleintoys says:

      I tend to be drawn to the unpopular dolls a bit more, the less owner photos I see generally the more interested I am.

      Thanks, I tried to make her up a little tomboy outfit ^^;

      • Avalon says:

        That’s apparently how I work as well. I have a very uncommon BJD (tho, I am single handedly encouraging more and more people to get delf IF dolls) and I have an in coming unpopular doll as well. As well as my Dal Kanta.
        I dunno, maybe I’m just drawn to them like you are! XD Less photos = more want.

        It really suits her! I couldn’t see her in cute frills and such anyway. She looks awesome!

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