Japan Doll Show- Pullip Prototypes

Pictures taken from Pullip.net. I am not exactly sure who is responsible from the photography while I am grateful for the pictures, the photographer could probably benefit from a better camera ^^;.

The November/December/January releases- Nothing earth-shattering here. I am personally very excited Naomi and Edge are currently in the mail at the moment and I simply must have Richt when funds become available.

The January/ February/ Possible March releases- I am really looking forward to Feb’s, the more pictures I see the more I want all three. This picture seems to be confirming Dal Pinocchio, Byul Dumbo and another Audrey pullip for March. I am not sure if this Audrey is based on her portrayal of the title character from Sabrina or not as I am not familiar with the film, but there was a rumor floating around that a pullip based on her portrayal of that character was going to be the March release so I am kind of assuming it is ^^; . I still hate Byul but I so want the Dumbo Byul’s stock as I love elephants and Dumbo was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

Prototypes- A bunch of byul prototypes in the front some that I haven’t seen before, some that I have. I’ve noticed a lot of the byul prototype stock is nicer than some of the dals recently ^^; I think they may be trying to entice people over to the byul side. The Egyptian dal seems to be joined by an Egyptian pullip prototype, it’s kind of an interesting concept. I am not exactly sure what the other pullip prototype is at this point, is it supposed to be a Gypsy or something?

Doll Carnival Limiteds- Jouet, Isolde and newcomer Chantilly who is being released at this year’s doll carnival.

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