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149/365- Jouet Dal Gelato

I decided to actually dress up my little dal tomboy Jouet like a girl for once. I unintentionally made the photo a bit more revealing of my location than I intended but you would have to be really good or … Continue reading

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41/365- Chantilly Dal

I hate to be so repetitive as I just did a post about her earlier today,  but Chantilly is just so darn cute how could I resist? I titled the picture my pure heart for you, maybe it should have … Continue reading

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Arrival- Doll Carnival Limited Chantilly

Chantilly came in the mail yesterday, she was delivered by crafty Fed Ex ninjas. There is some confusion about her name it is either Chantilly or Shanti or Chantal depending on who you are talking to, I was told Shanti … Continue reading

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You know if I did move to Japan this would be slightly easier

Jun Planning and their damn event exclusives… By hook or by crook I will get her. Not only is she gorgeous, but if I don’t get her my quest will have been for nothing as my collection would be incomplete … Continue reading

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Let's finish this…

I finally made the decision after pondering it for a good part of the night, last night when I could not sleep that I am going to complete my collection of pullips/dals now. I had already bought Jouet yesterday thus … Continue reading

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