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Happy Pullip World Doll Carnival Exclusives Pullips Canele & Varele Announced

Groove officially announced Pullips Canele & Varele today. Photos have been teased of Canelle for a while now and most people assumed she was to be the Doll Carnival exclusive doll for this year, what I don’t think anyone was expecting … Continue reading

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Dolly Madness

Time to a doll post now I suppose… BJD- DDE has been officially paid in full so as soon as my Little Fee Ante comes in stock they will ship her out to me. I am pretty excited about her … Continue reading

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You know if I did move to Japan this would be slightly easier

Jun Planning and their damn event exclusives… By hook or by crook I will get her. Not only is she gorgeous, but if I don’t get her my quest will have been for nothing as my collection would be incomplete … Continue reading

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