Let's finish this…

I finally made the decision after pondering it for a good part of the night, last night when I could not sleep that I am going to complete my collection of pullips/dals now. I had already bought Jouet yesterday thus completing my dal collection but today I bought the Oz set and Bouquet. I have intentions of selling my free Jolie and the boys from Oz as I have no use them. The last two dolls I actively need are both up for auction on ebay and ending the day after tomorrow and I intend on winning both of them (and possibly Debut as I technically don’t own her). I’m also waiting to hear back about yet another Papin, I know I don’t need her as well I already have triplets with a quadruplet on the way but she is a good price and damn it I want seven Papins to be rewigged in fur wigs like the color kids from Rainbow Brite (it’s a bizarre goal but a goal nonetheless). So theoretically by Monday I could have as many as fourteen dolls actively in the mail making their way towards me.

Just so you know we have not entirely gone to the dolls here although it may seem like it I did buy a cute Saber plush today. I also bought a bunch of transformers >_<

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