Dolly Madness

Time to a doll post now I suppose…

BJD- DDE has been officially paid in full so as soon as my Little Fee Ante comes in stock they will ship her out to me. I am pretty excited about her although I have no idea where I am going to put her. I am also a little worried about her care and upkeep as well she is my first bjd.

Pullips- The second Isolde purchased actually arrived first and she is gorgeous, and I seriously love photographing her (I normally hate photography) she has such a divine quality about her. In the three days I have owned her I have photographed her more than any of my other pullips except for maybe Clementine.
The seller was even nice enough to toss in the Jun Planning Doll Catalog and a set of post cards featuring pictures of the new mini pullips/dals.

Shade and Little Assa arrived on Monday as well but they were definitely overshadowed by Isolde and her awesomeness. Today my petite luxury chair to match my couch arrived as well as my doll carnival dal shirt and of course Klein Beere

Klein Beere
Klein compared to Hinaklein and shinku
Klein Beere is a Papermoonpixie custom and she is her interpretation of Hina Ichigo, she has a pullip head on a volks teen body. Jun Planning did make a Hina Ichigo but as a dal which has a pouty face which does not really fit Hina’s normal happy self so it is nice to finally see a smiling Hina. I named her Klein Beere after Hina’s rosa mystica.

I went through a dolly diet phase over this past weekend, unfortunately while I did not buy any dolls I bought the ones I had a bunch of stuff. I even purchased the Rozen Maiden pullip case as I have been wanting one for ages and I finally found someone stateside that carried them (to save on shipping as HLJ wanted like 7000 yen just to ship it because it is so heavy). I am now being really strict on my dolly diet as I did end up caving and buying a doll yesterday, I ended up bidding and winning on a Nomado. I own two Nomados already but both are unrecognizable customs and she was so cheap I could not resist. I ended up winning the auction at $39 plus shipping which was only like $5 as she lives in the same state as me.

I ended up preordering all three of March’s dolls today, they are based off of some anime that I had never heard of before I recently watched the first episode though and it was pretty decent.

Currently waiting on-
-Chii’s wig, external audio receptors & hair spools
-Nude Kanaria
– Isolde
– box of re-ment from HLJ
– Cheshire Little Pullip
– Carol’s stock
– Rozen Maiden Doll Case

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8 Responses to Dolly Madness

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I know I say this all the time with every new doll but Isolde is now my new favorite Pullip (that I’ve seen).

  2. sodapopandritalin says:

    If she was not so limited, I would already have more than twins unfortunately because she is so limited she is very expensive it was slightly less than $1k for them combined.

  3. Ruzy says:

    That Hina Ichigo custom is lovely ❤ I really love Isolde, but for some reason, Adsilita appeals to me most. But, whoever has her is VERY lucky (so congratulations on ordering her)! Papermooxie

  4. Ruzy says:

    is a very talented custom artist, along with Requiem, kenjichappie, and Lovehaze :] oops! and I’m sorry for accidentally double posting. Perhaps you could merge this with my first comment?

  5. sodapopandritalin says:

    Thank you, I think she is currently my favorite custom ^_^. I like Adstilita a lot but I like the ethereal quality of Isolde a lot too. I can’t wait to get the two of them together for photographs ^_^ Thank you.

    Unfortunately Lovehaze keeps all of her customs she doesn’t make any for sale just yet I believe kanjichappie does as well. I have two Requiem customs and I am hoping to acquire more or commission her.

  6. enpitsu00 says:

    Really? Which Requiem customs do you have? I really do love the Cheshire cat one :] Oh, and congratulations on the Nomado, too (and at that low price)! I also love Princessa, the Dal version of Principessa ❤ She is so cute.

  7. sodapopandritalin says:

    I own Elphaba and Selene. Requiem doesn’t live that far away from me so I actually got the opportunity to meet her and some of her customs (Princessa, Noirette, Kitka, Beressa and Noirius). Thanks I had been wanting a stock Nomado for some time so I was excited to find one for such a great price.

  8. enpitsu00 says:

    What an honor! I love the little Beressa. It’s as close to the pullip-that-never-was as we could get :]

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