Spotlight on ThePullipDollClub Pullip & Blythe Fashion

There is nothing quite like a nice crisp autumn day is there? One thing I really love about fall is the fashion, the temperature is moderate so it’s not too hot or too cold and well boots, boots just seem to go with everything in the fall! Today, I will be writing about some fashionable fall offerings for Pullip & Blythe dolls from ThePullipDollClub who sells a variety of clothing options for Pullip and Blythe via her etsy shop including dresses, rompers, hats and other hair accessories.

I was asked to review a few items from ThePullipDollClub’s shop here as well as from EmmerzApparel’s shop, sometimes it seem like the Pullip community doesn’t always value and appreciate our artists/crafters as much as we should so I wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on some very talented Pullip seamstresses. Besides I know that sometimes our dolls’ may want to wear something a bit more fashionable than their stock outfits and there have not been very many recent Pullip releases wearing casual everyday clothing.
IMG_8893I decided to use Pullip Optical Alice for my model for one of the dresses but the other I used two different dolls Blythe Simply Mango pictured above and Pullip Favorite Ribbon as I had a hard figuring out which doll I preferred in it ^^; .

IMG_8716Again I apologize about the quality of the lighting in my kitchen and my glaring orange countertops (which I actually love!). Dresses came nicely prepackaged inside of a bubble mailer envelope, inside of each dress package was a business card with instagram and shop links for ThePullipDollClub. I’ve got to say the business cards are handy, I’ve received them before from other seller’s and I write what I bought on the back of the first one and put it in my doll folder so next time I am looking for something specific I can dig through my cards to see if I have bought something similar in the past and then any subsequent shop purchases normally net me more cards which I put in the pocket of my doll bag so when people ask me where I got that too cute outfit at a doll meet “oh I’ve got their business card!”.

I was overall impressed by the quality with both of the dresses, they were both well-made and I love the fabric choices for both dresses even though they were quite different styles ie. one is more cutesy while the other is more chic. Both dresses feature an added little flourish to the hemline, the red/black dress has ribbon embellishments while the other with a bit of lace. Both dresses use two snap closures in the back. After having a chance to see her work in person, I would definitely buy from ThePullipDollClub and would recommend them without hesitation. IMG_8894
Back view!
Optical AliceThe first dress that I’m going to focus on is the Red and Black Fall Dress for Pullip, which is still available as a preorder item in ThePullipDollClub’s shop as of this writing. It took about a week for my preorder to ship, average wait time for preorder items is one-two weeks which is honestly a pretty quick turn around time for something handmade. IMG_8815While setting up for photos, I noticed that I had a witch’s hat accented in the same shade of red as the dress and well it is getting pretty close to Halloween… it kind of all went downhill from there. I truly loved all of the dresses I received but I think that I may have had the most fun with this one and making Optical Alice into my own little style witch!
''Tis the season!I chose Pullip Optical Alice as the model for this dress, I had originally  thought that this dress may have been going on my Wilhelmina but then I saw Optical Alice on the shelf and I just had to try it on her. I think the dress really suited her nicely with her almost ethereal skin-tone. Optical Alice
Who would have thought that Optical Alice could make sure a cute witch?
Optical AliceOf course, the dress looks fabulous even without the witch hat. I love the little bow with pearl accent on the bodice of her dress, it adds a very classy touch to the dress.
Favorite RibbonOrange is my favorite color, so of course I had to have the Orange Owl Print dress. The Orange Owl Print dress is still available as a preorder item in ThePullipDollClub’s shop here. Unlike the red and black fall dress this dress actually comes with a matching hair accessory, an oversized bow! The bow is attached to a hair clip and I think it is a very cute way to finish off the outfit!
Favorite RibbonI chose my Pullip Favorite Ribbon, Ribbonetta as the model for this dress I had another doll in mind when I chose the dress but her wig was orange and her face up had a lot of orange tones when I put it on her it was just an overwhelming amount of orange. I felt like Favorite Ribbon suited this outfit really nicely.
Favorite RibbonRibbonetta is doing one of her favorite fall pastimes diving into a pile of leaves! I swear being able to dive into the pile of leaves afterwards is the only fun part about raking fortunately dolls don’t have to worry about picking up an errant tick in the process.
Favorite RibbonI love how bright and colorful her dress is! The print on the skirt is way too cute and I love how the colors really pop.
Favorite Ribbon
I think the hair clip really adds a nice whimsical touch to the outfit, the bow on the bodice of the dress is really cute too!
IMG_8891Although this dress was specifically sized for type 4 Pullip it is a decent fit for Blythe, there is an option to order it in Blythe size as well.
Optical AliceMore photos of ThePullipDollClub fashions on my flickr where I made a special folder for them that can be seen here, my photos of my eventual future purchases from her etsy shop will be added to this folder as well.

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