Pullip/Blythe Fashion Holiday Box from EmmerzApparel & ThePullipClub

Recently I was contacted by two very talented Pullip/Blythe seamstresses EmmerzApparel & ThePullipDollClub, they wanted to talk to me about something new and very exciting: an upcoming collaboration between both stores! For the first time ever they are working together on a holiday themed surprise box that will feature items from both shops (speaking of which keep reading through to the end and there is a coupon code for both shops in it for you ^_-).

I should clarify that it isn’t really a box, it’s really an envelope but that works out much better shipping-wise for us customers especially international customers as there is a significant price difference between mailing something lightweight in an envelope versus a box. Each envelope will contain six exclusive items, three items from each shop including a dress from each shop as well as other accessories. The envelope is available in two different sizes Pullip and Blythe.

The envelopes opened up for preorder earlier today, preorders are open through November 17th but only a limited number of preorders are available so I wouldn’t wait until the last minute if I were you! The holiday envelope is expected to start shipping late November, early December. The holiday envelope is priced at $35.99 and is available for preorder via both ThePullipDollClub and EmmerzApparel people can buy from whichever shop they prefer. Fashionable fall!I recently spotlighted both EmmerzApparel and ThePullipDollClub here where I reviewed items from both shops, if you have not checked out the posts yet please do so! Both shops sell very reasonably priced, well-made items for Pullip and Blythe. I included a few pictures of all of the dresses by EmmerzApparel (Pullip Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version & Pullip Taffy) or ThePullipDollClub (Optical Alice & Simply Mango) so you can get an idea of what the quality level of their work.

I am hoping that they continue collaborating and that we will see more envelopes in the future, I’d really love to see this turn into a regular thing!
Fashionable FallI’ve been given a special coupon code to share here PJUNK10 which is good for 10% off anything in either shop except for the Holiday box, the code is good from now until November 30th.

Thank you again to ThePullipDollClub and EmmerzApparel for everything!

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