Spotlight on EmmerzApparel Pullip & Blythe Fashion

I was recently approached about reviewing some clothing items for Pullip and while I normally just focus about writing about doll releases here I decided that this would be a nice opportunity to put a spotlight on some talented Pullip seamstresses here as sometimes the Pullip community doesn’t seem to appreciate our artisans as much as we really should.

Today I will be focusing on some fashion options for Pullip (and Blythe) by EmmerzApparel. EmmerzApparel has an Etsy Store that offers a variety of casual looks for Pullip as well as some fancier, designer options as well. While I normally love photographing dolls in their stock clothing, sometimes Pullip’s stock outfit can be overly dressy/formal, too costumey or maybe it just isn’t your style and not very many recent Pullip releases have come dressed in a casual everyday look. Sometimes it’s hard to picture a doll outside of their stock look so it was nice to get a chance to photograph some of my newer Pullips in a more relaxed style.

Taffy & Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream versionMy models for this endeavour are Talullah Taffyta (Pullip Taffy) and my still unnamed Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream version, I tried to choose the models that would best showcase EmmerzApparel’s lovely dresses.

UntitledLet me start by apologizing for the photo quality as I took this in my poorly lit kitchen. The dresses were sent in a bubble mailer and came nicely packaged, each of the dress packages had a sticker including EmmerzApparel’s contact information which I think is a nice addition. First impressions of the dresses, they are very well-made and use a snap closure in the back which I personally prefer to velcro. I really loved the fabrics that were chose for both of these dresses, the quality of the fabric is really nice and I love the mix of colors/patterned fabric they were very well coordinated. I was very happy with the quality and would definitely recommend her clothing after getting a chance to see some of her work in person.
Talullah TaffytaBack view of one of the dresses for anyone curious about the back/closure. Talullah TaffytaThe navy floral dress Tallulah Taffyta is wearing is a part of Emmerz Everyday Apparel line, I chose this dress with Pullip Taffy in mind as I thought it would really suit her nicely and after seeing it in person, I don’t think I could have chose a better model for the dress.
Talullah TaffytaThis dress is perfect for the cool fall weather we are experiencing right now.
Talullah TaffytaI think that the buttons on the bodice of the dress are a nice little added touch and are a wonderful little pop of color!
Talullah TaffytaTalullah Taffyta is trying to show off how easy to move around in her new dress is as she balances perilously close to the edge. Talullah TaffytaI think the polka dot fabric choice adds a whimsical touch to the dress.

Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream VersionKiyomi Mint Ice Cream version is wearing a Save the Drama Llama dress from Emmerz Every Day line. I honestly wasn’t sure who this dress was for when I chose it but I was so in love with the llamas (or are they alpacas?) patterned fabric that who it was ultimately going to go on didn’t matter, I had to have it. Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream was the first doll I tried it on and I think it suits her nicely.
Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream VersionThe weather might be getting a bit chilly for this dress but it could easily be accessorized with a cardigan and some tights, then again the dolls don’t really get cold the way we do so perhaps I am overthinking this then again it does bother me to see photos of dolls in the snow wearing only summer dresses!
Save the drama for your llama!My daughter was kind enough to lend Kiyomi a Littlest Pet Shop friend for some of the photos. She is well aware of my fondness for llamas and alpaca so as soon as she saw the dress she was like “Mommy, I have the perfect friend for her!”.
Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream VersionI love the pastel color scheme of this dress, it’s so sweet and innocent it almost reminds me of a cupcake or some other confection.
Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream VersionRegardless if it is llamas or alpacas depicted in the pattern, I think we can all agree that this dress is too cute!
Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version & TaffySo what do you think, who wore their new dress better?

Bonus Round: Did I mention EmmerzApparel’s clothing fits Blythe quite nicely as well?
IMG_8776I am not as knowledgeable about Blythes as I am with Pullips, I believe this one may be a factory Blythe I received her in a trade a while back and I just remember being crazy for her hot pink hair ^^; .
IMG_8786The dress seems to suit her quite nicely as well.IMG_8779The dresses can fit Kikipop as well if you are okay with them being a little bit on the longer side.

More photos of EmmerzApparel fashions on my flickr where I made a special folder for them that can be seen here, my photos of my eventual future purchases from her etsy shop will be added to this folder as well.

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2 Responses to Spotlight on EmmerzApparel Pullip & Blythe Fashion

  1. Emmerz says:

    Thank you so much for the review! I love all of the photos and kind words :)! Also your dolls are such lovely models!

  2. KaylynsWorldBlog says:

    These outfits are really cute! What kind of dolls are these?
    Will you check out my blog?

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