Disney Pullip Cinderella Announced

Groove just announced the start of a new collaboration series with Disney via their blog tonight. Previously, Groove partnered with Disney in 2009 to release dolls based on different Disney properties such as Peter Pan (Pullip Peter Pan, Byul Tiger Lily, Taeyang Captain Hook & Dal Tinker Bell), Dumbo (Byul Dumbo) and Pinocchio (Dal Pinocchio) while I think Disney was a great choice for Groove to collaborate with, I always kind of questioned their choice of characters to turn into dolls personally I think dolls based off of the various Disney princesses would have been more popular and sold better…
The new collaboration series is being called the Doll Collection series, the first doll in this series will be Pullip Cinderella based off of the titular character from Cinderella from the classic Disney film which came out in 1950. Pullip Cinderella will be available for purchase via Bandai Premium Shop starting on February 10th (link) it is not clear at this time if Pullip Cinderella will be exclusive to Bandai Premium Shop or not at this time if or when more information becomes available I will update.

Pullip Cinderella’s MSRP will be 18,000 yen, which honestly I was kind of surprised by how reasonably priced she was especially compared to the other doll that was recently announced Isul Yagen Toshiro’s price tag of more than 28,000 yen. She will be released in March in Japan, it is not clear at this time if she will be released outside of Japan at this time.

I think Groove did an excellent job in portraying Disney’s version of Cinderella, the doll is very faithful to the character design and they captured her iconic dress and hairstyle. More promotional photos can be seen on her listing on Bandai  in some of the photos the bustline of her dress looked a little odd then I realized what is more than likely happening is something I have done with my own dolls, sometimes when you try to conceal a stand underneath a ballgown it kind of pushes the dress up a little if you look through the photos it is more pronounced in some photos than others so I have a feeling that is what is causing it.
Pullip Cinderella has a really nice face up, she even has one of the rarely seen opened mouth smiles on Pullip (it should be noted that it’s not a different sculpt, the mouth is just painted in such a way to make it appear as though she has a smile). Her makeup is kind of minimal with stylized eye makeup, blushed cheeks and pretty pink lips.
Back/side view of the dress.

I look forward to seeing future dolls in this collaboration series, especially if they are as well done as Pullip Cinderella. I am also hoping that she won’t be too hard to get as if I miss out I will be absolutely crushed. I will be sure to update as more information becomes available! Well it’s late, I need to bippity boppity boo my way to bed ^^;

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4 Responses to Disney Pullip Cinderella Announced

  1. Janea says:

    I’m kinda interested. I hope they do some of the non-standard princesses like Merida(is that a disney princess?) and Tatiana from Princess and the Frog. I think that would be kind of cool😊

  2. lesnours says:

    It is sublime …….. It is almost 20 000 Yen on the site of Bandai.
    If they could make “The Princess and the Frog” a beautiful black / black Pullip, that would be my dream. Dark colors are too rare.

    • Klein says:

      The MSRP is 18,000 yen, I believe the higher price on the website includes tax and that is why it is more expensive. I am hoping that this line is successful and that we will see more dolls from it, I really want a Rapunzel but I would love a doll of Tiana as well.

      • lesnours says:

        Yes Rapunzel should be beautiful: love:
        I would also like them to make a collection of “evil queens Disney” ^^

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