Rose of Versailles Pullip Collaboration Series, Again?

In a surprising move today Groove just announced that they would be re-releasing the Rose of Versailles collaboration series of dolls via their blog. The dolls are being re-released in honor of the 45th anniversary of the debut of the Rose of Versailles manga series, in addition to it being 45th anniversary of the debut of her most popular manga 2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of it’s creator Riyoko Ikeda. The Rose of Versailles manga was so popular it has spawned an anime series, films as well as musicals.

The Rose of Versailles Pullip collaboration series was originally released back in May of 2013, the re-released versions will be released in mid-February. Groove has stated that the new versions of the dolls will come with a special seal or sticker on their boxes which I am assuming is the new circular 45th anniversary logo seen in the revised promotional photos. Taeyang André Grandier and Pullip Oscar François will have MSRP of 15000 yen each while Pullip Marie Antoinette has a MSRP of 18000 yen (she is a queen after all ie. significantly fancier than the other two dolls) which is the same MSRP they had when they were originally released.

The re-release is great for fans of Rose of Versailles or people who missed out on the original dolls as both of the Pullips are becoming somewhat harder to find these days, fortunately the Taeyang André Grandier is still somewhat easier to find. I own both of the Pullips both of which are currently NRFB perhaps this will be the inspiration I needed to finally open them.


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