Upcoming Groove Touken Ranbu Collaboration Series!

Groove made an announcement via their blog this morning about a very exciting upcoming collaboration series with Touken Ranbu (Wild Dance of Swords) which is an insanely popular card based online game in Japan. Not only is it a popular online game, it has already received one anime adaption Touken Ranbu Hanamaru that aired in Japan this past fall ( it has  been licensed in the US by Funimation) and will be receiving anime adaptation called Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu  later this year. Various figures including nendoroids and other merchandise have been released over the years, in fact I own the Mikazuki Munechika nendoroid (I’m hoping his character gets made into a doll as a part of the series).

The cast of Touken Ranbu is primarily male which means we will likely see Isuls and Taeyangs prominently featured in the collaboration series, I’m happy to see a series focusing on the boy dolls for once. The first doll in the series will be an Isul I will be on display at  Doll Show 48 in Ikebukuro on the 15th. I will be sure to update once more information and/or photos become available.

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6 Responses to Upcoming Groove Touken Ranbu Collaboration Series!

  1. KatsCauldron says:

    I like good boy dolls they are few and far between and these should be adorable. They’ve been coming up with some great dolls [though I have had to pass] when you if you [I hope] get one or soe please take lots of pictures so we can enjoy. I really loved some of the steampunk Alice dolls they had come up with

    • Klein says:

      I feel like we were overdue for a boy doll-centric collaboration series, they gets overlooked so much in the collab series lately there was one Taeyang among the like 24 Sailor Moon series dolls. It’s still too soon to call if I will get one or not because I haven’t seen pictures of them yet but I do love Isul so I would have a hard time resisting a well done Isul!

  2. Bakamichi says:

    You know what’s funny? Because I played with the thought of making a custom Touken Ranbu Taeyang doll and now this, it’s perfect! I really like that. Still, I need to catch up with the Nendoroids haha, my wallet is crying.

    • Klein says:

      I’ve had that happen to me with some of the DC comics collaboration dolls, thankfully my want to do list is very long so there is always something else to be done! I’m very excited to see how well these come out but also dreading the price tag!

  3. kkwaltz says:

    I’m so excited for this!! but also very concerned financially (〒∇〒) I was able to resist the Touken Ranbu nendoroids by convincing myself to prioritize the Dramatical Murder nendos, but I haven’t bought a full doll since 2014 & my willpower is breaking

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