Mocha MIO (Make It Own) Kits now in stock @Pullipstyle

Just a quick update today, I keep forgetting to mention this here but Pullipstyle has received a restock of the mocha MIO or Make It Own kits. If you are unfamiliar with the MIO kits they are blank doll kits ideal for customization, not many tan Pullips get released so the mocha kits have been especially popular they sold out very quickly last time so I wanted to post a heads up here in case anyone has been waiting for a restock (it seems like I have been getting at least an email a week asking about the mochas and when they might be restocked). The kits are said to be the same color as Pullip Nahh-ato. The Mocha MIO kits are available for purchase here.

There are a couple of potentially NSFW comparison photos of the mocha MIO kit versus Pullip Nahh-ato and Catwoman SDCC Version

I took these pictures a while back as a part of a request but I thought they might be relevant to this post as the mocha kits are finally back in stock.
Mocha MIO ComparisonPullip Nahh-ato (long wig, type 3 body), Mocha MIO (headless) & Pullip Catwoman SDCC Version. The Mocha MIO kit is a close match to Nahh-ato as well as being a pretty close match to Catwoman.
IMG_2465Close up of Nahh-ato and Mocha MIO comparison.
IMG_2469Close up of SDCC Catwoman and Mocha MIO kit.

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2 Responses to Mocha MIO (Make It Own) Kits now in stock @Pullipstyle

  1. lesnours says:

    Cela fait des mois que j’attendais cette vente, pour le coup, je m’en suis prise deux ^^
    Vais bientôt les recevoirs ^^ Happy ^^

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