JPGroove Pullip Sample Sale

JPGroove is having another Sample Sale! For those of you unfamiliar with their previous Sample Sales the sale features dolls that were previously used as display models in stores or at events such as SDCC, because they were display dolls they do not come with their boxes or stands and they may even be missing an accessory or two. It is important to note that these dolls have been handled before so I would not buy with the expectation that will be an absolutely mint pristine doll, all of the dolls I have purchased from previous rounds of the Sample Sales have all been in reasonably nice condition but I buy with the expectation that maybe they might need a little work so if one shows up with a minor issue I won’t be disappointed but rather pleasantly surprised when they arrive in nice condition. The Sample Sales are a great chance to get a doll you have been wanting at a great discount, as of this writing there are over 40 dolls available as a part of the sample sale.  Here is a small sampling of the dolls up for offer at the moment…
samplesaleYou can check out the whole selection of Sample Sale dolls here.

It is not unheard of for JPGroove to add dolls periodically to the Sample Sale so even if you don’t see a doll you want now it may be worth it check back every now and again. I must try to resist the urge to look again as I already used up all of my Paypal balance to place an order for Isul Cedric, Isul Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Dal DeLorean & Taeyang Butler.

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