10th Anniversary Dal Deneb Announced

WordPress apparently ate my post regarding the announcement of Dal Deneb so I am going to do a more abbreviated, more concise version so I can move on ^^; .

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Dal and Taeyang’s introduction to the Pullip line of dolls, last week Groove announced a new Taeyang release and Dal release to commemorate the anniversary via their blog. Though fans have been clamoring for Taeyang and Dal pair for years, there has never been one before now so it’s really great that Groove took this opportunity to finally give us a Taeyang and Dal pair and what a pair they are! Deneb and Albireo look like they are dressed up for a masquerade ball. Both dolls have a swan theme as well as a bit of a ballet influence, Swan Lake immediately sprung to mind when I saw the pair but it does not seem to be the inspiration (I’ve never seen a male Black Swan) regardless I feel like my Deneb shall be doomed to be named Odette.
deneb1 Dal Deneb and Taeyang Albireo will be released in October in Japan, they will have a November release here in the US. Both dolls are priced at 20000 yen each which is just about $196 at the moment, the pair will be 40000 yen.

Dal Deneb’s outfit seems to be ballet inspired, it’s luxuriously detailed with faux pearls on the bodice. I believe the bodice may be a separate piece, it almost seems like a delicate and very feminine piece of armor to me. The white and silver look very elegant together. Overall I feel like she is a well put together release my only complaint is I don’t understand the choice to include the dangling jewels by the hemline, they seem so random. It should also be noted that while the pearls are faux, the feathers may be real.
deneb2Such a pretty face! I kind of expected her to be a little more made up for the masquerade but her face up is tasteful and understated. She has very blushy cheeks and pale pink pinks. I love how intricate her eyelashes are and that Groove chose some more realistic eyechips versus some of their more stylized choices recently.

I’ll be sure to update when Deneb becomes available for preorder via Pullipstyle and JPGroove.

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