JPGroove Labor Day & Other Pullip News!

JPGroove is having a Labor Day sale, they sent out a coupon code earlier this morning via email good for 15% off any purchase with code LBDS2016 that is good from midnight tonight PST until midnight the next day. Of course, news of the sale didn’t come out until after I made a late night order last night >_<
labordaysaleThis would be an absolutely fabulous opportunity to finally get the SDCC Pullips Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn dolls if you have missed out on them!
Wonder Woman & Harley QuinnThe code should also be useable for preorder items such as Pullip ha-ha & Dal ho-ho who come out later this month or maybe you prefer Pullip Angelic Pretty Marie and Pullip Bonnie.
In other news, Pullipstyle‘s new exclusive designed by Requiemart and myself Pullip Amelia is now in stock at Pullipstyle. I’m so excited that she is finally showing up at her new homes all over the world, every time I see a picture of her I have to smile! My own Pullip Amelia that I had preordered arrived earlier this week.
AmeliaIn addition to Pullip Amelia, Pullip Super Sailor Moon is now in stock plus the restocks of Pullip Vocaloid Miku & Pullip Tokidoki Lunarosa have also arrived and are now available via their website as well so if you missed out on them you now have the opportunity to add them to your collection as well . I almost forgot the most interesting restock! Pullip Alura is also now in stock, she was one of my favorite Pullip releases of last year so if you missed out on her now is your chance to get her!

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