Special Limited Edition Pullip Veritas

Pullip.net teased a new version of Pullip Veritas via their facebook page last night. Who is Pullip.net? Pullip.net is Ars Gratia Artis’s website and they are run by Mango Park, the almighty creator of Pullip and are responsible for designing many, many different Pullips over the years as well as the creation of Yeolume (Pullip’s daughter from the future). As a note, I normally tend to focus on American Pullip retailers here as I am based in the US myself and well for the most part with current exchange rates if you are in the US it makes the most sense to order via Pullipstyle or JPGroove; Ars Gratia Artis is based in Korea and I believe I have only ever ordered from them once.

Before looking at the new version of Veritas, we should probably take a moment to refresh our memories and look back at the original Pullip release Veritas who was released in November of 2007 with a MSRP of 10,000 yen.

Veritas was a well received release and was very popular so it came as no surprise that she was one of the first Pullips to get re-released as a part of the new Premium Pullip line this year.
Premium Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson Version was released in June of this year with a MSRP 20,000 yen which is twice of the MSRP of the original, nearly nine years later though production costs have only escalated.
leveritas2This new version of Veritas is limited to only 50 dolls, I believe she may actually be exclusive to Pullip.net it’s a bit unclear at this time as more details emerge I will update but for now they are the only store that has made mention of her and with such a tiny edition size it seems unlikely that many retailers would be able to offer her. She does not seem to have a name designation other than Veritas Special Edition if I were to name her it would probably be Veritas Black Gold version. She is priced at an astounding $405, she has the distinction of having the most expensive MSRP of any Pullip release to date. Veritas Special Edition is available for preorder via Pullip.net . She is to be released later this month (September).

Did we really need a third version of Veritas? I wouldn’t have really thought so but seeing photos of this gorgeous girl has definitely made me rethink my position on that.
Looking at this closer up picture, her face up besides the color is pretty similar to the original Veritas except that she has more intense eyeshadow. The wig is quite different from the original and the premium version, instead of waves she has proper curls now not to mention a streak of blue color. While I like that she has a streak of color in her hair the blue is a bit discordant with the rest of her color scheme. I just realized that her wig also lacks bangs like the original and Premium versions.
If nothing else, I’m glad that Ars Gratia Artis posted such gorgeous pictures of her for us to fawn over.
We so rarely get to see tan skin releases, I know in most Asian cultures pale skin is seen as very valued/prized so unfortunately that means we get lots of pale skin Pullip releases and not a whole lot of diversity in skin color ranges. I hope this release means Groove realizes that Pullip fans around the world would like to see a more diverse range of dolls especially with how popular the recent mocha MIO or Make It Own kits were. I love that she has a white wig that makes her incredible skin tone stand out that much more, I think the white wig was a really great choice for her though I’m still not the biggest fan of the color of the streak.
Limited Version Veritas is a gorgeous doll, I wish she was priced closer to the Premium Deep Crimson Version of Veritas as I would absolutely love to own her and would definitely buy her if she was more reasonably priced. Unfortunately at this price point I fear she is going to be the one that got away for me 😦 . As much as I would love to add her to my collection, I just can’t justify the cost.
Limited Version Pullip Veritas is available for preorder via Pullip.net , she will be released later this month I hope someone out there posts lots of gorgeous owner photos of her for us to enjoy!

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