Joliedoll Antique Skull Dress Set for Pullip

Joliedoll is a French store that specializes in Pullip, earlier this year they had announced that they were going to try to have their own exclusive Pullip. The exclusive Pullip was a new version of Pullip Merl in an outfit designed by the president of Joliedoll, Jolie Lenie. There had been attempts made to crowdsource funding of the doll but it seems like those attempts may have fallen through as JPGroove is now selling My Select Merl as well as the Antique Skull Dress set as separate items via their website. While it seems a bit sad that things fell through maybe more people will have the opportunity to enjoy the doll/outfit set now.
Antique Skull DressThe Antique Skull Dress set is priced at $34.95 which is pretty reasonable for an outfit set that includes a dress, headband and socks/shoes. I had the realization that the outfit set would suit my new custom Pullip by Myufish perfectly so I ordered the dress set without hesitation as soon as I saw it available. I have decided to use this opportunity to post a review of the dress set as well as how well the dress set fits on some other body types besides the Type 4 Pullip body.

The outfit set which I neglected to take a picture of by itself in the packaging (can be seen here with some other new arrivals).  The outfit set consists of a dress with matching headband designed by Jolie Lenie as well as socks with a lace ruffle and shoes.
Antique Skull DressI really love the printed pattern on the dress, the print on is very crisp and colorful with deep red, purple and blue tones. I love that the actual print is a bit gothic with skulls and moths and not something overly cutesy though the dress silhouette itself is very cute I really enjoy the juxtaposition of styling.
I love the little detailsThere is a small metal charm attached to the dress, it appears to be a pair of scissors with a white rose embellishment it’s a nice little added detail.
Antique Skull Dress shoes <3The shoes are quite adorable, I do so love a cute pair of doll shoes!

I personally hate buying an outfit set with a specific doll in mind just to realize that it doesn’t fit, so I have decided to take this opportunity to try the outfit set on some other dolls in case anyone else was curious…

Type 4 Pullip The outfit set was designed for Type 4 Pullip so it fits perfectly! As stated above the initial idea had been for this outfit set to come with a new version of Pullip Merl as Joliedoll’s exclusive, because of this I chose My Select Merl as the model. Pullip My Select Merl is available via JPGroove, she is available separately or in a variety of bundle packages with different outfits that can be seen here unfortunately there is not a bundle with the Antique Skull Dress set. My Select Merl in Antique Skull DressI love the contrast of the bright bold colors with the dainty and feminine white lace trim on the hair bow and dress.
My Select Merl in Antique Skull DressWho knew Pullip Merl could look so good in such macabre fashion? She definitely isn’t the first doll I would have have in mind for such an outfit but it really does suit her nicely so this unexpected choice worked out nicely. I fully expect that this dress set will be quite popular with Pullip Alura owners.
My Select Merl in Antique Skull DressThe dress is white/lightly colored on the inside so the risk of staining of the outfit seems to be pretty minimal.
My Select Merl in Antique Skull Dress

Type 3 Pullip I decided to take some pictures of the outfit on a Type 3 Pullip as well because many people that have been in the hobby for a while have at least one still and there are some still actively available for sale via JPGroove/Pullipstyle.
Antique Skull DressAs expected, the dress set fit without any issues and it suits the Type 3 Pullip body really nicely! The Type 3 model is an unmodified Pullip Papin.
Antique Skull Dress

Dal/Byul Dal and Byul share a body type the only difference is their head a photo comparison can be seen here. JPGroove mentioned in the listing for the Antique Skull Dress that Pullip is the preferred wearer of the dress but that it also fits Dal and Byul as well, so of course I had to try it on a Dal.
Antique Skull Dress The model for the dress is My Select Frara who is the only other My Select doll still available for purchase via JPGroove as of this writing, she is priced at $58.95.
My Select Frara in Antique Skull DressDal is shorter than Pullip so the dress fits her a bit differently, it’s a bit big on her but not overly so it still looks really nicely on Dal. The shoes were a little loose even with the socks, not terribly like they were going to fall off at any moment but if I was going to put the dress on a Dal long-term I would probably switch to a slightly thicker pair of tights versus the socks.
My Select Frara in Antique Skull Dress

Isul Isul is Pullip’s fashion forward little brother, I know I have seen lots of Isuls in dresses including the one released by Groove Isul Shiraishi Akira so someone out there is probably curious about whether or not this outfit will fit him.
Antique Skull DressThe model is Beary Fairy Isul Gosomi. He looks quite pretty in the dress!
Antique Skull DressIsul has a slightly wider torso than Pullip so the dress is a little tighter through the torso but despite that it fits pretty well, the headband also fit with no trouble. The shoes were a great fit without the socks, I had difficulties getting the socks off and I was afraid I would tear them if I continued to try to force them on so unfortunately the socks don’t really fit 😦
Antique Skull Dress

Obitsu Obitsu is an alternate body type that many people rebody their Pullips with, they are more poseable than stock bodies and come in a variety of sizes. I tried the outfit set on two different Pullip obitsu hybrid dolls, the normal/medium bust 27cm obitsu and the large bust 27cm obitsu as these two models seem to be the most popular hybrid options. The dress unfortunately did not fit on the large bust obitsu, it would not close in the back and did not look right in the front BUT I am happy to report that it fits rather nicely on the normal/medium bust obitsu.
Antique Skull Dress on obitsuThe model for this portion is a rewigged/rechipped Tokidoki Pullip Luna on a 27cm obitsu. Antique Skull Dress SetHow does it fit? The dress fit pretty well, a little tight in the back but I was able to get it on without difficulty. There was no difference in the fit of the headband. The socks fit fine, the shoes are a little tight with the socks on but fit fine without.
Antique Dress Set on obitsu

Blythe Blythe is a different type of Asian fashion doll that is produced by Takara, she has an eye mechanism kind of similar to Pullip’s but it functions completely differently. If you pull the string on the back of the doll’s head it changes the doll’s eye positions as well as colors ( the eye mechanism actually has four sets of eyechips/positions). I know there is a lot of people that collect both Pullip and Blythe that may be staring at the dress set with longing, wondering whether or not it will fit or not. Unfortunately most of my Blythes have red or orange hair so they are probably not the best potential models of the dress but my Simply Mango got volunteered anyway!
Antique Skull DressOf the Groove family, Blythe is most similar body-wise to the Dal/Byul body type except that Blythe is a bit more barrel chested. I have a comparison shot here for anyone is curious about Blythe’s size compared to Pullips and friends.
Antique Skull DressI was pleasantly surprised how well the dress actually fit Blythe. I had no problems getting the dress, socks/shoes and headband on. Obviously the dress length is a bit longer on Blythe than on Pullip as she is shorter than Pullip
Antique Skull Dress SetOn the right Blythe, this outfit would be perfection though I must say it does look a lot better than I thought it would for Simply Mango!


Antique Skull DressI absolutely love the Antique Skull Dress set and I wish that Groove would release more outfit sets like this in the future. The quality is nice, the price is very reasonable and I was delighted by how versatile the dress set was it really looked great on a lot of dolls! I would totally recommend purchasing the Antique Skull Dress set, hell after seeing how well it suited so many dolls I’m almost tempted to buy a second one for a different doll seeing how Stitch has claimed this one for herself!
Antique Skull Dress
More photos of the Antique Skull Dress set can be seen on my flickr, the Antique Skull Dress is available for purchase via JPGroove.

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2 Responses to Joliedoll Antique Skull Dress Set for Pullip

  1. Is it available only on JPGroove?
    Shipping is surely high for people in Europe…

    • Klein says:

      I know Joliedoll had it up for preorder last week when I ordered it via JPGroove but am unsure if they still do or not or when/if they will actually get in stock, hopefully Pullipstyle or Plasticpop will be able to offer it eventually. Shipping within the US was about $10 just for the dress set. I think JPGroove’s default shipping is UPS, I think you can email them to see about other shipping options especially for something light like the dress set.

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