Pullip veryBerryPOP Announced

Groove has made a very exciting announcement via their blog, they have announced upcoming Pullip release veryBerryPOP. Pullip veryBerryPOP is very exciting because she is an original design, she is only the second Pullip released this year (Pullip Gretel is the other) that is not either a collaboration design or a new version of an older release. Pullip veryBerryPOP is set for a June release alongside Premium Pullip Veritas Crimson Version and has a MSRP of 18000 yen which is approximately $163 as of this writing.

VeryBerryPOP has a very sweet fruit themed lolita ensemble although I’m not sure if it qualifies as country lolita or not (I’m not that familiar with lolita fashion trends ^^;). I also love the little knitted cherries, it gives the outfit a real bit of country flair. I’m not sure but she almost appears to have a little bit of a darker skin tone than usual, normally Pullip is quite pale now while she does look fairly pale she does not look as pale as most releases.

P175_02_mailPullip veryBerryPOP is quite an unexpected delight, I love her theme and the bright colors of her stock. It fills with me joy to see such a well thought out solid original release the only thing I would possibly change on her would be her eye chips as I personally feels like she needs green eyes but that is personal preference. She also seems to have that little bit of a spark of personality that the old Pullip releases has, her personality seems to shine through her promo photos not like some of the other newer releases who can be a bit generic. P175_03_mailIn theory, I love the color and the style of her wig but curls tend to fill me with a deep seated feeling of dread I’m always afraid I will ruin them somehow the style is quite cute on her though.
P175_04_mailI can’t recall the last time I saw something knitted on a Pullip besides a sweater, the cherries are a nice little unique touch.
P175_07_mailI wonder if the crinoline is a detachable element/separate layer as the jumper though the jumper would be scandalously short without it. I love the red polka dot tights and the shoes are the perfect complement to them.
P175_09_mailBack view of the outfit.
P175_06_mailVeryBerryPOP’s face up is very cute, I love her luscious lips and their colorization they remind me of my beloved Papin just a bit. She looks to be a very blushy girl although it is not overpowering. Her under eye make up reminds me a bit of Canele’s eye make up, I wish we could see her eyebrows. I think when I get her (when not if) I will likely give her a pair of green eye chips that’ll provide a bit more interesting of a contrast than her current pair of eye chips.
P175_03_mailI will be sure to update when preorder information for veryBerryPOP becomes available. I can’t wait for her to be released, it’s going to be a very long wait until July for her and I’m already dying to put put alongside Pullip Meg and Pullip Dita on the shelf I think Pullip Meg in particular will make the perfect shelf companion for her.

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