Pullip Alice in Steampunk World

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has served as the inspiration for countless Jun Planning/Groove dolls over the years; there have been many different interpretations of Alice released just to mention a few of them there have been Classical Alice, Alice du Jardin and Lunatic Alice series. The latest series of dolls based on Alice in Wonderland has a steampunk theme. Groove has previously released two series of steampunk inspired Pullips and friends the original series (Eos, Ra Muw, Rhiannon, Gyro & Apollo) and the second series ~ Eclipse~  (Aurora, Icarus, Moirai, Pluto & Helios). Alice in Wonderland and steampunk are both very popular themes for Pullip releases, we’ve seen them before from Groove but we’ve never seen them together so why not combine them to make an awesome new series of dolls?

Pullip Alice in Steampunk World is the first doll that was released as a part of this new series, since her release she has been joined by Pullip Mad Hatter in Steampunk World & Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World. A Dal version of Alice in Steampunk World has also been teased to us at Doll Show 43 back in May, I hope that the Dal is released in the future and I’d kill for a really awesome Steampunk inspired Cheshire Cat. The photo below is from Groove’s Blog,it was taken at Doll Show 43 and it shows the yet to be announced/released Dal Alice, Pullip Alice Pullip Mad Hatter.
Pullip Alice in Steampunk World was released in June of this year, she has a MSRP of 18000 yen. She is an original design by Ars Gratia Artis, she was the first non-collaboration Pullip released this year she has since been joined by two other original designs Mad Hatter and Sweet Eve who I recently reviewed here.

I love Alice in Wonderland and the myriad different interpretations that Groove has come up with over the years so when she was announced, I was very excited for her. I originally had intentions of preordering her but with all the various Pullip sales via Pullipstyle and JPGroove she kind of moved down on my list of priorities as I pursued some deals as Groove’s Sample Sale and Pullipstyle’s Friday Sales colluded to kill my wallet this year. I was extremely fortunate to recently receive Alice as a review doll from JPGroove along with Sweet Eve.  Thanks to JPGroove for making this review possible!
Alice in Steampunk LandRide on a Steam Locomotive….. Let’s find Mechanical White Rabbit….Feel Like So

I unfortunately do not box photos of Alice in Steampunk World to share as I received her packaged up like a sample doll would be. I can say she came with a gold stand and a card.
Steampunk AliceAlice in Steampunk World has a very unusually colored face up, her eye make up is a mix of navy blue and a rich sienna brown. I love the contrast of the colors, they are not normally two colors that are seen together and they really counterbalance each other well plus they complement her outfit beautifully. I really like the overall style of the eye make up it’s very dramatic. Her bright blue eyes really pop, I like the style of eye chip they chose to give her they really seem to suit an Alice character and they remind me a bit of the older style of eye chips. Her lips are pale pink, at first glance they may seem a bit bland but I think they needed to be a bit of a neutral shade to keep her from looking overly dramatic/done up Alice is supposed to be a sweet innocent girl after all.

The wig is nice, it’s very soft and the quality is good. It’s mostly blond with some reddish brown mixed in the bangs and a little bit in the back as well. There is a little bit of a curl at the bottom but nothing too intimidating, really curly wigs like Princess Rosalind’s normally give me nightmares about them getting caught and tangled in the stands. My only complaint about the wig is the bangs are a little uneven which I do intend to fix myself here shortly, it’s also my only complaint about the doll in general so I guess that all things considered if that’s my own problem with her that isn’t too bad.
Alice in Steampunk Land stock outfitAlice’s stock outfit consists of a headdress, dress, tights, corset, apron, arm cover, two cuffs and shoes. Her stock is pretty metal as in there is a fair bit of metal on it, her headdress features a metal key and four rivets, her corset features eight more rivets on the front and more on the straps and her apron has a metal gear as well as five more rivets. I was honestly pretty impressed with her stock, the overall quality of it is really nice. I think that Groove did a really nice job coordinating the colors of her outfit, I rarely like brown and blue together but somehow on her it works!
Alice in Steampunk LandLet’s take a closer look at her dress! The dress is quite nice even on it’s own, it’s very nicely tailored and the quality is really nice. I love the ruffled collar and the contrast of the blue and the not quite black and white patterned fabric used on the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. The gold gear appliques on the skirt really pop against the blue of the dress too.
Alice in Steampunk LandOf course, she looks even better in her complete stock outfit. I was really impressed with how detailed her outfit is.
Alice in Steampunk LandI know some long time collectors and probably even some newcomers are probably groaning about Groove releasing yet another Alice themed doll but honestly if they look this good, I hope they keep them coming! Alice in Wonderland has proved to be a very popular theme for Pullip and it’s public domain so there is no expensive licensing so I expect to see more Alice dolls in the future so long as they keep doing something new and different with their interpretations of Alice I’ll continue to look forward to future Alice releases.
Drink me!I kind of wish that she came with some Wonderland themed accessories, since she didn’t come with any I stopped at AC Moore a local craft supplies store and bought some Steampunk looking gears as well as the “Drink Me” bottle that proved to be a pretty close match to Alice’s stock outfit to use as props. Please excuse my horrible handwriting, there is a reason I normally don’t share anything with my handwriting on it ^^;
Steampunk AliceSuch a pretty face and those dreamy eyes!
Alice in Steampunk LandWho knew that Alice in Wonderland and Steampunk would combine together on one doll so well? She’s a really well put together release that I’d definitely recommend for fans of Alice in Wonderland and/or Steampunk, I honestly think she would make a great addition to just about any Pullip collection though. Having Alice in my hands has really peaked my interest about the very dramatic Pullip Mad Hatter who has now skyrocketed to the top of my wishlist.
Alice in Steampunk LandMore photos of the beguiling Alice in Steampunk Land are available on my flickr. She is available for purchase via JPGroove. A big thank you once again to JPGroove for making this review possible, words can not express how grateful I am for giving me this opportunity to review Alice. Please check out Sweet Eve’s review if you haven’t done so already! Well that’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this review so until next time try not to get lost in Wonderland!
Alice in Steampunk Land
….. Steampunk Byul Moirai is next up to be be featured!

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