JPGroove Black Friday Pullip Sale

JPGroove just announced the details of their Black Friday Sale via their newsletter. On Black Friday,they will have a 12 hour sale good for 15% off of everything on their site with coupon code 2015SWBF . Post-Black Friday, starting Tuesday they will be giving away a $20 coupon code to be used on a future order for every $100 spent at JPGroove. Please be sure to read all the details below.
Don’t forget that the Sample Sale is still ongoing and there is rather large selection of dolls available in their free shipping within the US section. If you order a doll from the free shipping section from within the US, the free shipping applies to the whole order.

Some incredibly tempting deals! I really must try to be strong and resist T_T

EDIT: The Sample Sale appears to have ended.

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5 Responses to JPGroove Black Friday Pullip Sale

  1. Vick says:

    What about Pullipstyle? Will they have a black friday sale too?

  2. I’ve been eyeing one of the two-dolls-for-one-discounted-price deals in the “free US Domestic shipping” section for several days now. I’m glad I held off this long! (I just hope they’re not gone by the time I can log on tomorrow!)

    For the sake of my bank account, part of me is actually hoping PullipStyle *won’t* have a sale tomorrow. My finances are still trying to recover from this summer… (And yet there are certainly things I’d really love to get that only they have…)

    • kleintoys says:

      Those matched pair dolls are such a steal, I must confess I’m tempted to rebuy Angry and Hangry myself as their stock is so detailed and well-made with lots of great pieces to mix and match in addition to the dolls themselves being cute.

      I’m not sure about Pullipstyle, they already have a pretty big ongoing special in the form of their Friday Sales section they might do something but I would almost think we would have heard about it by now. I kind of hope in general that the sales are done for a little while as my paypal account needs a breather for a bit! It seems like it’s just been sale after sale this year. I’ve bought a lot of great dolls at phenomenal prices but at some point I need a break to catch up on write ups etc.

      If PS does end up doing a black friday special I’ll be sure to do a write up of it here too.

      • Hangry and Angry was the set I wanted, too. But when I looked this morning, that deal had been removed. 😦 I guess they figured they’d lose too much money if they let us get that deal at %15 off. I’m hoping they’ll put the deal back after the 15% sale is over, so I can use it for the $20 coupon for a later order deal. (If they don’t do that, either, I may have to cry…)

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