New Photos of Sheryl’s Designs Pullip Naoko & Taeyang Koichi Surface!

Groove posted some additional pictures of Pullip Naoko and Taeyang Koichi via their blog. Pullip Naoko and Taeyang Koichi are the latest dolls in the Creator’s Label series of dolls, Groove collaborates with different customizers from all over the world to bring you dolls based on the customizer’s style. Sheryl’s Designs previously partnered with Groove back in late 2013 to release Pullip Akemi this time both a Pullip and a Taeyang are being released in her distinct style! Pullip Naoko and Taeyang Koichi were just released in Japan within the last week or so, we won’t see them here in the US until some time next month. They have a MSRP of 20000 yen each and are still up for preorder at Pullipstyle: Naoko & Koichi as well as JPGroove: Naoko & Koichi.
20151116181751f3cI think the above photo is my favorite from the new photos that were posted, it shows newcomers Pullip Naoko and Taeyang Koichi with the original Sheryl’s Designs collaboration doll Akemi.

Let’s take a closer look at the newbies…

P-257_T-257_inboxBox photos  of both dolls presumably from Groove’s office. Both of the dolls look pretty good in their respective boxes.
Of course both dolls look even better when freed from their boxy prison.

The following photos were taken by Sheryl’s Designs herself…
20151116181704ac9Pullip Naoko and Taeyang Koichi are quite the fashion forward couple!
20151116181703d21Both dolls appear to have the premium eye chips similar to what Alura and Laura have, this is the first time we have seen this style of eye chip in a Taeyang.
20151116181707b02I really love her unusual eyebrows! I don’t think we had really seen them very well before this but they are nice.
20151116181709c00Generally I’m a bit iffier on the boy dolls but this boy definitely has my attention.
20151116181749dc5I had thought that Taeyang Koichi had a faux fur wig when I had seen the initial promo photos but I wasn’t positive until I saw these photos. I generally don’t really mind fur wigs either way but I think maybe a different wig might suit him a bit better in this case.
20151116181746c98Both dolls even look quite nice without their full stock outfits on, it looks like both dolls have pretty versatile stock that can be worn a couple of different ways.

I really appreciate that Groove posted these photos on their blog and gave us, the fans a chance to take a closer look at the dolls. The dolls are admittedly pretty expensive, seeing more photos of the dolls helps us make an informed decision about whether or not we would like to buy the dolls ourselves. Unfortunately these photos have really made the Pullip grow on me and now I’m honestly pretty tempted by her and I’ve always been tempted by Koichi.

Both dolls are still available for preorder via Pullipstyle and JPGroove, previous Sheryl’s Designs Pullip Akemi is also available for purchase via both stores. Pullip Alice in Steampunk Land’s review should be up either later tonight or early tomorrow morning so please look forward to it!

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